Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 15:06 WIB

The Indonesian Entrepreneurs Making Profit from Garbage

The Indonesian Entrepreneurs Making Profit from Garbage (illustration: imansupriyono)

JAKARTA, NNC - The high level of public consumption has left a new problem, namely garbage. Garbage continues to be generated from households, offices, restaurants and industries. For the area of Jakarta alone, the volume of garbage ranges from 6,000 tons to 6,500 tons per day. This amount is also happening in other big cities in Indonesia. For some people, garbage is a problem. However, for others, garbage actually brings profits after they manage and process it properly.

Just imagine, from managing and processing of garbage, the turnover can reach tens to hundreds of millions of rupiahs. Just look at what Hidayat does. The owner and founder of garbage processing company Mitratani Mandiri Perdana, also known as Mittran, said the potential of garbage processing business is very good. "Moreover, with the Garbage Act, the bottom line of waste must be settled as close as possible to the source," he said.

Hidayat pioneered the garbage business since 2007 in Bekasi, West Java. Mittran installs its own garbage bins placed in a resident's homes by quoting a fee of IDR50,000 per month for each household garbage point. In addition, the company also manages garbage in several residential areas such as Villa Pamulang Mas, Summarecon, as well as several apartments. Tariffs pegged for a single point range from IDR5 million to IDR20 million per month. Of 30 transactions or 30 types of garbage from 3,000 spots, Hidayat's turnover reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Mittran also received the results of garbage processing from its partners, ranging from organic garbage to inorganic garbage such as plastic, paper, to glass bottles. "The advantage of networking is that we buy all the garbage products because we have many relationships with various recycling companies," Hidayat said.

Garbage business also brings fortune for Irene Holle. Irene, born on 29 April 1974, was initially concerned with the issue of garbage. She ventured to learn to process and make junk something useful and have economic value. Irene then established Recycle Indonesia Utama Mandiri, also known as Recyclindo, a garbage processing company in Cinangka, Sawangan, Depok. With initial investment of around IDR100 million, Irene prepared everything from land and second-hand trucks.

"Processing garbage is not an easy matter, as it needs a special place so that the surrounding environment is also not disturbed by the smell of garbage," she said. Today, Recyclindo is developing as an organic garbage processing company. Irene has found her goal by creating a clean living environment by making creative use of garbage into an important compost for agriculture. From this business, Irene is able to reap a profit of up to IDR70 million per month.

The fortunes from garbage also goes to Sumarmi. Together with the husband, the woman who was originally washer found the idea of managing plastic waste piles into goods of economic value. The plastic garbage is processed into a trash baskets, shopping bags, and others The result of the waste processed products was given the name Mbarek, plastic waste craft from Pati, Central Java, and sold from IDR6,000 to IDR125,000 per piece.

Within a week, she was able to sell at least 1,600 pieces of products marketed to areas around Central Java, East Java, and Sumatra. Omarmet earned Sumarmi around IDR20 million a week. So a month from selling it can be approximately IDR80 million-IDR100 million per month.