Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:05 WIB

DOKU Launches Solution to Accelerate Go Online Strategy

DOKU Launches Solution to Accelerate Go Online Strategy (doku)

JAKARTA, NNC - The online buying and selling activities or e-commerce in Indonesia continues to grow, with growth rate reaching double digits every year.

The Go Online strategy is increasingly becoming an option for business owners, both those who are just starting to pioneer their businesses, and companies that want to expand business into the online realm.

From the consumer side, cashless adoption is also increasing as the proliferation of a consistent online shopping portal provides a more practical shopping experience.

Therefore, as a payment company that serves the merchant side and consumers widely, DOKU always innovate to provide comfort in the process of buying and selling online.

DOKU has launched DOKU Merchant, an integrated web portal with new reporting & market analytics features ready to support any merchant business.

"DOKU Merchants are the fastest way for business owners to start a business immediately and receive payments online. This portal can trim the on-boarding process that was previously semi-manual to be more concise and systematic," said Nabilah Alsagoff, Chief Operating Officer of DOKU, in Jakarta.

She said DOKU Merchant is an online store management solution for all types of businesses, ranging from entrepreneurs who aggressively sell in social media, start-up and SMEs that already have online stores or not yet, up to large companies that already have their own internal system.

"DOKU Merchant Web portal is equipped with new reporting & market analytics feature that are ready to support any type of businesses, essentially one access to support all types of business," Nabilah added.