Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 15:23 WIB

MNC Synergizes Pay TV and Broadband Internet Service Business

Inauguration of sinergy between MNC Vision dan MNC Play.

JAKARTA, NNC - Indovision, Okevision and Top TV which are providers of Pay TV service under the control of PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk (MSKY.JK) are merged into a new brand, i.e., MNC Vision. The company is then synergized with a newly established company and is engaged in broadband internet service, MNC Play.

The synergy of MNC Vision and MNC Play is marked by the launching ceremony of the new logo by MNC Group Chairman Hary Tanoesoedibjo at MNC News Center Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12/2017).

"The MNC Vision and Play synergy makes teamwork solid, more efficient, more competitive, providing maximum service for customers," Hary said in a written statement.

MNC Vision President Director Hari Susanto explained that the change is based on MSKY's commitment to always innovate.

"MNC Vision has been doing super fast internet bundling with 80 GB data capacity which surely will complement the customer experience in using our service," he said.

Similarly, MNC Play CEO Anthony Chandra Kartawiria said the company is committed to presenting an integrated and innovative product as it was launched last year, the MNC Play Smart Home.

"This year, MNC Play will soon launch Smart Security to respond to the community's need for an integrated home security system," he said.

MNC Play is a new unit under the auspices of MNC Media which provides Interactive Cable TV service and broadband internet. MNC Play is interactive cable TV with over 170 channels, and HD ready. It is also equipped with IPTV features such as TV On Demand, Time Shift, TV Anywhere and Video on Demand.

MNC Play internet service with a speed of 1,000 mbps is expected to meet the various needs of the internet technology community. In addition, its Internet service is claimed to be superior to competitors, with the ability to download and upload data that is 1:1 symmetrical and stable.