Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:02 WIB

Anies Baswedan Explains Requirements for Zero Percent Down Payment House

Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan

JAKARTA, NNC - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan begins the realization of his campaign promise, the Zero Percent Down Payment (DP) House.

Anies Baswedan performed the groundbreaking at H. Naman Street, Pondok Kelapa, Duren Sawit Sub-district, East Jakarta, later called Klapa Village.

The Zero Percent Down Payment (DP) specisifically for residents of Jakarta in the category of Low Income Communities (MBR), said Anies.

Anies said registration would begin in April when the Regional Public Service Agency is formed. The payment scheme will use the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP).

"FLPP scheme can be done soon," he added.

The former Minister of Education and Culture says many banks have wanted to get involved. However, the city administration is currently partnering with Bank DKI.

"Currently, only Bank DKI," he explained.

The Zero Percent Down Payment (DP) House.units are built by Pembangunan Sarana Jaya Villange-Owned Enterprise (BUMD) in the form of owned simple flats (Rusunami) on a 1.4 hectare plot. The first tower is targeted to finish construction by mid 2019. There will be a total of two towers for the first project.

One tower will be built this year with a total of 703 units of 513 units of type 36 with a selling price of around IDR320 million per unit. Then, 195 units of type 21 with a selling price of IDR185 million per unit.