Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 15:24 WIB

Malaysia is the Largest Importer Country of Products from North Sulawesi

Illustration: Mineral fuel

MANADO, NNC - Malaysia is the largest importer country of products from North Sulawesi Province in January 2018.

"Malaysia is the largest supplier country for North Sulawesi in January 2018 with a contribution of more than half of North Sulawesi's import value," said Head of Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of North Sulawesi Moh Edy Mahmud in Manado on Monday (2/19/2018).

He explained that the goods that are most supplied from the neighboring countries are mineral fuel.

Quite high year-on-year increase is among others the import value of the Netherlands and India driven by higher supply of machines/mechanical aircraft; Malaysia, due to higher import value of mineral fuel.

Month-to-month wise, import value from Taiwan rose quite rapidly due to an increase in supply of inorganic chemicals while from Thailand it was due to the rise in import value of machineries/mechanical aircraft.

Imported goods from Indonesia in question are re-imported goods, which are exported goods that must be re-imported because they do not sell/do not meet the purchase contract/do not meet the import requirements in the export destination country.

"The commodities imported are nutmeg (HS 09081100 Siauw Nutmegs and HS 09081200 Siauw Nutmegs Broken and Cleaned)," he explained.

The value of North Sulawesi's imports in January 2018 went up 15.56 percent from December 2017 (MTM) import value and almost doubled from the import value of January 2017 (YOY).

"The hike is partly due to the rise in the value of imports of mineral fuels and capital goods [for example, machinery/mechanical aircraft, objects of iron and steel, and various goods of base metals]," he said quoted from Antara.

Seen from HS2 digit goods category, mineral fuel became the largest contributor to the import value of North Sulawesi in January 2017. This category of goods is only supplied from Malaysia.

The import value of this class of goods decreased slightly from December 2017 (MTM), but went up very rapidly when compared to previous year.