Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:27 WIB

Avoid Skimming, BRI Accelerates Migration of Debit Cards to Smart Chip Technology

Customers are asked to keep ATM personal identification numbers secret (siliconweek)

JAKARTA, NNC - State-owned banking company Bank Rakyat Indonesia (IDX:BBRI), also known as BRI, is going to accelerate the migration of ATM or debit card from magnetic stripe technology to smart chip technology in accordance with Bank Indonesia's direction.

"As for the implementation plan it is appropriate. This year 30 percent, we will speed it up again," said Director of Institutional Relation at BRI Sis Apik Wijayanto met in the event "Spectaxcular" in Jakarta, Sunday (3/18/2018).

Sis Apik believed chip card technology can reduce the case of data theft of debit card by way of skimming compared with magnetic tape technology.

He appealed to customers not to provide information about the PIN to others. Information that is often tried to be explored by the perpetrators of fraud, among others, the identity, the name of own mother, and phone number.

When there is a request like that, Sis Apik advises customers not to provide information because the BRI will never do that.

"Beware of phone calls that are not from BRI, claiming to be from BRI. BRI during the period has the most customers, 62 million customers, the prospect is a lot," he said, quoted by Antara.

BRI estimates that the missing funds of customers due to the ATM card data theft in Ngadiluwih, Kediri, East Java, are less than IDR1 billion.

Previously, Head of BRI of Kediri Branch Dadi Kusnadi said the customers complained of losing account balance ranged from IDR2 million to IDR3 million. However, Ngadiluwih Sector Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner of Police Shokib Dimyati in Kediri had mentioned there were also reports on loss of IDR5 million.

Tens of customers of BRI of Ngadiluwih Unit, Kediri, East Java blocked their account due to the mysteriously missing funds in their account.

BRI Secretary Bambang Tribaroto said for the cases in Ngadiluwih, BRI has completed an internal investigation and all of the missing funds of customers have been entirely returned.