Sunday, 20 June 2021 | 23:25 WIB

Transaction Value from the 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia Exhibition Surpasses IDR20 Billion

Transaction Value from the 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia Exhibition Surpasses IDR20 Billion (nnc)

JAKARTA, NNC - The 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Hall A and B in Jakarta, has been officially closed on Sunday (03/25).

The event, held from March 22 to 25, was a success. In the four days of the event, the exhibition has generated transaction value of more than IDR20.1 billion.

"The transaction value is much bigger than at the 2017 Telkom Craft Indonesia 2017 event," said Gatot Trihargo, Deputy of Financial Services, Survey and Consultant Services at the Indonesia Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) on Sunday (03/25).

He conveyed appreciation from the government towards the implementation of the 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia event, and hopes Telkom Craft Indonesia's festivities can be the beginning of the revival of Indonesian SMEs to further develop globally in accordance with the theme of event, which was "Local Heroes to Global Champions".

"Hopefully the events in the coming years will be better, especially in terms of higher numbers of visitors, transactions, product quality and creativity," Gatot Trihargo said.

Alex J Sinaga, President Director of state-owned telecommunications company Telekomunikasi Indonesia (IDX:TLKM), also known as Telkom, said the theme of Local Heroes to Global Champions is intended to make Indonesian SMEs able to produce the best works and competitiveness, with the goal of penetrating the global market.

Meanwhile, Herdy Harman, Director of Human Capitals Management at Telkom, expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia event. The transaction value until closing on Sunday, March 25, 2018, had surpassed the target.

"The transaction value is above our prediction," Herdy said.

He continued that the transaction value during the exhibition was an indicator that SME products were getting more trust.

"The quality of SMSE products is now good, and the products are able to compete in the international market," he said.

As many as 400 SMEs have participated in this event, consist of 224 stands used by Telkom's SMEs (56%), 104 booths from SOE and other SMEs (26%), 72 booths (18%) used by public SMEs.

They are divided into three categories, namely Fashion with 209 stands (52%), Craft with 115 stalls (28%), and Food with 76 booths (20%).

Herdy added that the entire SME products of the 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia participants had been listed on, so that after the event Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018 potential buyers can still make purchases through SMEs and visitors of this event can still interact and transact online through