Saturday, 04 December 2021 | 12:57 WIB

Malaysia’s Leading Beauty Product Safi Officially Released in Indonesia

Launching of Safi products in Indonesia.

JAKARTA, NNC - Safi, the leading beauty product in Malaysia, is officially released in Indonesia. This skincare product has been certified halal from JAKIM (Dept. of Islamic Development Malaysia) and MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council).

Kumar Chander as Wipro Unza Regional Managing Director of Safi disclosed to adjust to consumers in Indonesia it has done research first for two years.

"Safi's product range is created by the Safi Research Institute, which is the first and largest halal skincare research institute in Malaysia. There are 100 scientists and researchers dedicated to creating halal skin care products," said Kumar, at the Safi launch event at Kasablanka area, Jakarta, Thursday (3/29/2018).

The products offered by Safi, Kumar explained, combine the rich natural heritage with modern technology to create halal and effective skin care products.

"For example, the White Expert product series, which researchers successfully combine the benefits and strength of Black Seeds and then combine it with modern technology Oxywhite, so as to produce a natural bright skin," Kumar explained.

In addition, there is also the Age Defy product that uses gold base material and combines it with technology that effectively distributes nano-size gold particles, integrating with natural silk protein to increase the production of collagen that serves to overcome premature aging.

"In order for Safi to be accepted by Indonesian people well and successfully, hopefully in the future Safi can build a new factory in Indonesia. For now, Safi factory already exists in Salatiga," said Kumar happily.