Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 14:16 WIB

To Provide More Stable and Reliable Energy, Induk KUD Buys Power Plant for IDR13 Tln

Partnership between Taiwanese company Controlnet International Inc and the Village Unit Cooperative (KUD) Parent or Induk KUD.

JAKARTA, NNC - Through a partnership with Taiwanese company Controlnet International Inc, the Village Unit Cooperative (KUD) Parent or Induk KUD buys environmentally friendly energy with an investment value of IDR13 trillion. Green energy is a power plant that relies on solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, as well as energy storage solutions to provide more stable and reliable energy.

"Through this eco-friendly power plant, it costs 40 percent less than using diesel power plants, and can generate pollution-free eco friendly energy. This is also in line with Nawacita [Nine Priorities] Programs of Mr. President Joko Widodo and Mr. Vice President Jusuf Kalla in energy independence," said Chairman of the Induk KUD Herman Yosef Loli Wutun in Grha Induk KUD, Warung Buncit area, Jakarta, Thursday (4/5/2018).

The man who is familiarly called Wutun then described the workmanship scheme that will be done after the cooperation is legalized. In the first phase, Wutun explained, it will develop 1,000 units of power plants in rural and remote islands of Indonesia. The development is to supply electricity to fishermen and cooperative members. "This electricity will be used to establish small-scale palm oil mill, refrigeration warehouse, ice factory, and other industrial production," said Wutun.

"The $1 billion investment will create more than $20 billion worth of economic value for the region," Wutun added.

In addition, the development of microgrid (Eco-friendly energy development by Controlnet International Inc) from Induk KUD, Wutun explained, will take advantage of ISPBC certification standards developed by the International Self-Powered Building Council that ensure quality, as well as sustainable and eco friendly power generation.

"In July this year we plan to start the first industrial power plant project along with a small-scale palm oil factory in Jambi and then we will finish a small-scale palm oil mill and refrigeration warehouse, ice factory in South Bangka. So, actually the program has run before the signing of cooperation agreement, we have done," explained Wutun.

Through Induk KUD, Wutun also believes that microgrid energy solutions developed by Controlnet International Inc. which adopts ISPBC certification mechanism standards can solve power and environmental problems for remote islands or villages while promoting economic and regional job growth.

"Today, more than one million islands in the world hold about 730 million people or 11 percent of the world's population. But most of the island still lacks electricity, and large islands rely heavily on fossil fuels or natural gas for power generation. Due to the high cost of fuel transportation and infrastructure costs, the growth of this region is limited by environmental problems. So this effort [eco friendly energy] is the solution to the problem," Wutun said optimistically.