Sunday, 20 June 2021 | 21:57 WIB

Maybank Indonesia Set to Distribute Cash Dividends worth IDR360.8 Billion

Bank Maybank Indonesia

JAKARTA, NNC - PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) and Extraordinary GMS (EGMS) in Jakarta. The shareholders in that meeting have approved and ratified the Consolidated Financial Statements and Consolidated Profit/Loss Statements for fiscal year 2017, and determined the use of net income, among others, to be distributed as dividends.

The AGMS approved the use of 2017 net profit of 5.4 percent or IDR96.71 billion for the General Reserve Fund. Then, about 20 percent will be distributed as Cash Dividend with a maximum total of IDR360.80 billion or IDR5.33 per share.

"The rest of 74.6 percent or IDR1.3 trillion is set as retained earnings," said Taswin Zakaria, President Director of Maybank Indonesia in the official statement of the AGMS on Monday (4/9/2018).

According to him, the shareholders who are entitled to receive cash dividend for the fiscal year 2017 are those whose names are recorded in the Company's Register of Shareholders on April 18, 2018. "Cash dividend will be paid on May 4, 2018," he said.

In addition, the AGMS also approved the re-appointment of members of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners who have terminated their terms of office, provided that Dhien Tjahajani's term of office as Compliance Director, Corporate Secretary and Independent Director will be terminated on June 25, 2018.

Meanwhile, in EGMS approved the plan to increase capital through Preemptive Rights Mechanism (Rights) mechanism or Rights Issue. The corporate action of the eighth Limited Public Offering (PUT 8) was held by issuing a maximum of 12.8 billion D series shares valueed at IDR22.50 per share.

Taswin disclosed that the company will submit a Registration Statement to this PUT 8 to the Financial Services Authority in April 2018. The eighth issuance is targeted to be completed in the first half of this year.

"This corporate action aims to strengthen the capital and support future business expansion in order to strengthen the position of Maybank Indonesia as one of the leading financial services providers in Indonesia," he added.