Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 14:47 WIB

Pudjiadi and Sons Pays out Dividend of IDR2.39 Bln

AGMS of PT Pudjiadi and Sons Tbk (IDX:PNSE).

JAKARTA, NNC - PT Pudjiadi and Sons Tbk (IDX:PNSE) has always maintained its commitment to provide added value to its shareholders. One of the steps taken is to pay dividend from profit of 2017 book year to the shareholders of the company.

"A portion of profit in 2017 is allocated for dividends. It amounts to IDR2.39 billion or IDR3 per share," Ariyo Tejo, PNSE Director, said in an official statement regarding the results of the company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS). The meeting was held at The Jayakarta Hotel, in Jakarta, on Tuesday this week.

In addition to dividends, the issuer who manages the hotel and resort chain incorporated in the Jayakarta Group sets aside some of its net profit for reserve funds. Meanwhile, all remaining profits will be allocated to retained earnings in order to finance the operational activities and business development of the company.

Ariyo explained that throughout the year 2017, the company recorded a relatively stagnant operating income of IDR224.07 billion compared to IDR224.82 billion earned in the previous year. Net profit increased significantly to IDR17.22 billion in 2017 compared to the previous year which was only around IDR2.31 billion.

"Last year, we sold property assets in form of office in the District 8 Senopati, Jakarta. A subsidiary, PT Hotel Juwara Warga, sold two office houses and liquidated PT Hotel Jaya Semarang after the company sold its sole asset in the form of land. It supported the success in significantly rising profit in 2017," he said.