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Garuda Indonesia Adds 150,510 Extra Seats

Garuda Indonesia Adds 150,510 Extra Seats.

JAKARTA, NNC - Garuda Indonesia Group prepares at least 150,510 extra seats in anticipation of increased passenger traffic during homecoming and returning of Lebaran (Eid al-Fitr) 2018 which is predicted to take place on June 8-24 for domestic and international routes.

"In line with efforts to improve operational performance ahead of peak season of Lebaran 2018, on D-7 to D+9, the company adds extra flight," said Vice President Corporate Secretary and Investor Relations of PT Garuda Indonesia, Hengki Heriandono, to the press in Jakarta, Saturday (6/2/2018).

The additional flight capacity consists of 768 additional flight frequencies, that is, 480 Citilink flights and 288 Garuda Indonesia flights.

According to him, the additional capacity increased by 39 percent compared to last year's 107,750 seats.

Furthermore, Henki said, efforts to improve the company's operational performance ahead of the peak season also continue to show an increasingly promising trend.

Operationally, Garuda Indonesia's on-time performance in the Jan-May 2018 period reached 89 percent, better than the same period in 2017.

Even recently, OAG Flightview, an independent on-time performance rating agency, put Garuda Indonesia as one of 10 global airlines with the best OTP performance in the period of April 2018 with an achievement of 85.1 percent.

Increasing the operational smoothness aspect continues to be done including by adding the composition of crew number, both cabin and cockpit. In terms of safety, the number of incidents per 1,000 departures continues to decline.

He added that in terms of service Garuda Indonesia also consistently managed to maintain the achievement of 5-star status of Skytrax achieved in February 2018.

"It also becomes one of the manifestations of management commitment in providing consistent quality of service to the service users," he said, quoted Antara.

In terms of financial performance, despite the depreciation of the rupiah and the rise in aviation fuel (avtur) prices, the company's potential losses were reduced to 36 percent and EBITDAR margin improved to 23 percent from about 19 percent.

Garuda Indonesia also managed to reduce losses in the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year.

In January-March 2018 losses were recorded at USD64.3 million or down by about 36 percent compared to January-March 2017's USD101.2 million (IDR1.36 trillion).