Friday, 28 January 2022 | 15:04 WIB

Indonesian Migrant Workers Contribute IDR119 Trillion to National Income

A number of Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong.

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesian migrant workers abroad have a positive contribution in contributing national income of IDR119 trillion in 2017.

Deputy Head of International Business Division of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (IDX:BBRI) or BRI, Roni Rudiana, said this in Jakarta on Sunday on the sidelines of BRI's Gathering and Appreciation for Foreign Exchange Heroes.

The event was attended by 50 Indonesian migrant workers from Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Japan and Taiwan, who get free trip tickets from BRI.

"The amount is the figure recorded in 2017 while those undocumented are definitely larger," he said, Sunday (6/10/2018).

He said remittances by migrant workers to the country had a positive impact on the regional economy and people's welfare.

"The form of banking services to migrant workers in foreign countries is done with two strategic steps, i.e., before the departure we provide financing support. Before departure [they are] given assistance to open account so that having been abroad there is no confusion to transfer [money] to the country," he explained.

As quoted by Antara, as for remittances to the homeland, Roni said it uses BRIfast Remittance product in cooperation with overseas partners to make migrant workers more convenient and comfortable in making remittance transactions to the country.

"We are also developing financial institution pension fund products that have been piloted in several places. Migrant workers can contact our Remittance Representative associates," he said.

He said after they returned to the country his side also provides the Small Loans (KUR) in line with government programs for those who want to open own business.

"In the near future we will work together with the South Korean Embassy to establish a Korean village in Cilacap [Central Java]," he said.

Director of Preparation and Departure at the Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI) Arini Rahyuwati expressed gratitude to BRI for giving migrant workers opportunity to stay in touch with their relatives and friends.

Arini asked BRI to oversee the migrant workers overseas so that the results of work abroad are put to good use so that when return to Indonesia they can improve the welfare and social status.

On the same occasion the migrant workers also gave testimony of the benefits of using BRI services.