Friday, 28 January 2022 | 15:02 WIB

PDTT Allocates Rp 4.8 billion to Four Subdistrics in Ende


KUPANG, NNC - The Ministry of Underdeveloped Region and Transmigration is disbursing Rp 4.8 billion for the road development in four sub-districts in Ende District, including Detusoko and Wewaria subdistrict and also Ende and Detukeli District.

Head of Department of Public Works Ende District Ir. Frans Lewang say a 4.8 kilometer road development is underway.

"The previous road was narrow and could only be passed by motorcycles and horses, but after it was widened and improved, it can be passed by four-wheeled vehicles, making it accessible for the locals to travel or market their agricultural products to cities, districts and even subdistricts," Frans told PosKupang on Monday, June 18.

Those roads currently under development are located in Gololada Village, Detusoko Subdistrict, and Numba Village, Wewaria Subdistrict, Wologai Village, Ende Subdistrict, Wologai 2, Ende Subdistrict, and Otoboti and Wolowia in Detukeli Subdistrict.