Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:18 WIB

Cimenteng Village uses its Rp 63,862,500 Village Fund to build Drainage

Development of a drainage in Cimenteng Village, Cibadak Subdistrict, Lebak District, Banten

BANTEN, NNC - The 2018 first phase Village Fund is being used wisely by the Government of Cimenteng Village, Cibadak Subdistrict, Lebak District, Banten. They have already began building public facilities and infrastructures.

The residents of Panacangan Sabrang are working together to build a 110 meter long, 60cm wide and 50cm tall drainage, with a budget of Rp 63,862,500 in Panacangan Village Sabrang.

Cimenteng Jaya Village Head Aan Supriana say this year's village budget is used for the development of facilty and infrastructure which will be built gradually.

"The implementation is conducted gradually in order to obtain maximum result. There was also an issue regarding the disbursement fund for the first stage development," Aan told infodesaku on Wednesday, une 27.

Aan say he continue to strive so that the fund could be obsorbed as soon as possible and the development could be completed in a jiffy, because that's what the people expect.