Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:27 WIB

STP Bali Pushes Gastronomy as New Attraction for Culinary Destination in Bali

STP Bali holding workshop on Bali tourism.

NUSA DUA, NNC - Gastronomy has become one of Bali's attractions, even UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has established Ubud as a prototype of gastronomic tourism development from Indonesia. To that end, STP Bali (International Bali Institute of Tourism) held a workshop with the theme "Gastronomy as an attraction of destination".

Chairman of Bali STP Dewa Gede Ngurah Byomantara said STP is very concerned about tourism in Bali, one of them about gastronomy. "Gastronomy is not only a culinary art, but closely related to culture with culinary," Byomantara said.

In 2017, culinary income was around 30 percent or around IDR60 trillion of total tourism revenue of IDR200 trillion. This year culinary is projected to generate foreign exchange proceeds worth $20 billion or equivalent IDR223 trillion.

Chairman of the Culinary Tourism and Shopping Acceleration Team of the Ministry of Tourism Vita Datau who attended as a guest speaker said the determination of Ubud as "UNWTO Gastronomy Destination Prototype" is expected to become a new tourist attraction of Bali. Ubud became the first destination to be branded as a UNWTO standard gastronomic destination as the world's best endorser for tourism. Ubud was chosen because it is considered most ready to become a culinary destination.

"There are five UNWTO standards, culinary must be a lifestyle, has historical and cultural elements, has local products, story telling or food that can be told, and fulfilled nutrition," said Vita.

In addition to Vita Datau, there is also Antonio Montecinos who is Director of the Center for Gastronomy Business Hotel (Cegaho). In his presentation, Antonio gave priority to the food and tourism value chain, especially to contribute to food security.

"Preservation and protection of gastronomic cultural heritage, development based on benefits to the community by providing tourism experience which exceeds the expectations of visitors," said Antonio, Thursday (7/5/2018).

The workshop was also attended by Tourism Department, Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) of Gianyar, Ubud Homestay Association, International Chef Association, lecturers of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy of STP Bali and the leaders of STP Bali.