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The Sales of These Malaysian Halal Skincare Products Grow Fivefold in Indonesia

The Sales of These Malaysian Halal Skincare Products Grow Fivefold in Indonesia.

JAKARTA, NNC - A Malaysian halal skincare beauty product brand, Safi, posted sales growth by fivefold since it was launched at the end of the first quarter of 2018 in Indonesia. Indonesian consumers responded positively to halal skincare products by Safi.

Safi is present in Indonesia with three series of products namely Safi Natural Whitening, Safi Advanced Whitening, and Safi Age Defy.

"We see the enthusiasm is quite good since the launch of Safi in the Indonesian market since last March," said Dwarakanath Ayengar as Skincare Category Director of Wipro Unza Indonesia, in a press release received by NNC, Friday (7/20/2018).

"This is a great start to continue to introduce Safi as a skincare made from high quality and halal materials, and processed with modern technology that is safe for everyday use," added Dwarakanath.

Dwarakanath explained demand for Safi products were coming from all over Indonesia, but Java contributed the most to Safi's growth. Since released to the market, Safi distributes its products through online and offline sales channels.

Sales by June 2018 have reached the 481 index, a five-fold increase since it was launched in the first quarter of 2018, and sold more in offline channels than online. Even Dwarakanath added the momentum of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr (Lebaran) also helped boost Safi's sales up to 300 percent compared to previous months.

Dwarakanath added the whitening category is still a favorite category among Indonesian consumers, therefore from its entire range of products sold in Indonesia, the Safi White Expert series dominated sales by contributing 54 percent of total sales, while Safi Age Defy and Safi White Natural respectively contributed 42 percent and four percent.

Judging by the quantity, White Expert Purifying Makeup Remover products became the most popular, followed by White Expert 2in1 Cleanser & Toner, White Expert Purifying Cleanser, and Age Defy Gold Water Essence.

"We are confident in the future, the prospect of selling Safi products will continue to increase and become a product of choice of Indonesian women," said Dwarakanath.