Monday, 08 Augst 2022 | 17:16 WIB

Pertamina Ensures Adequate Fuel Supply in West Sumatra

Gas station illustration

JAKARTA, NNC - Pertamina Marketing Operation Region  (MOR) 1 memastikan pasokan bahan bakar minyak Pertamina Marketing Operation Region (MOR) 1 ensured the adequate supply of fuel in West Sumatra after experiencing a slight surge in consumption a few days ago

The soaring consumption of fuel in West Sumatra was allegedly due to the circulation of hoax information on changes in fuel prices, causing people to excessively purchase fuel.

"There is no reduction for premium fuel supply in the West Sumatra region, with an average supply of more than 1,100 kiloliters (KL) per day. Meaning that its still normal," Pertamina MOR I Communication and CSR Unit Manager, Rudi Ariffianto, said in a written statement on Tuesday, Sept 11.

Rudi said the proportion of premium supply in West Sumatra is the highest compared to other provinces in Indonesia. A recorded more than 64% of gasoline supplied to West Sumatra is premium fuel.

Rudi says private vehicles are certainly expected to be able to use special fuel according to its specifications. That way, premium fuel can be focused for public transportations or motorcycles.

Rudi said so far there are no regulations limiting the purchase of premium fue at gas stations. However, Pertamina expects premium fuel to be right on target, especially for motorcycles and public transportations.