Tuesday, 07 December 2021 | 23:05 WIB

Agriculture Minister Amran Opens Export Market of Mangosteen to Taiwan

Illustration: Mangosteens

JAKARTA, NNC -- The Ministry of Agriculture's target under the leadership of Andi Amran Sulaiman to increase the export volume of various food commodities in order to spur the national economic growth and strengthen the rupiah exchange rate can be increasingly optimistically realized.

This was after exporting special rice, shallots, corn, eggs, chicken meat, seeds of vegetables, ornamental plants, plantations and other food. Now having opened the mangosteen export market to China last year, it is the turn to open the mangosteen market to Taiwan.

Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman visit to Taiwan and his meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Taiwan, Mr. Tsung-Hsien Lin, Tuesday (10/9/2018), revealed the results, i.e., the Taiwanese Government is committed to accelerate access of Indonesian mangosteen to Taiwan, so that some steps to accelerate exports have been agreed.

"This is to be immediately followed up, the Indonesian Quarantine Team intensively communicated with the Taiwan Quarantine Team to harmonize the standards of mangosteen commodity quarantine in both countries. The concept is similar to the protocol for opening mangosteen exports to China late last year," Amran said in Taipei, Saturday (10/13).

Amran said that the document review stage will be completed in the near future and continued with the on-site audit process. The initial export is carried out as soon as the entire quarantine process is complete.

"[We] are optimistic it will soon be realized, because all this time we have routinely exported commodities to Taiwan for cabbage, melon, rubber, coffee and others," Amran said.

On the occasion of the visit, the Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman also revealed the progress of Indonesia's agriculture over the past four years and Indonesia's agricultural exports in 2017 increased by 24 percent.

The minister's visit to Taiwan also discussed Taiwan's investment commitment to developing the Indonesian sugar industry worth IDR20 trillion, cooperation in the development of Rain Water Harvesting System, and the Indonesian Farmer Internship program in Taiwan.

"This is a concrete step in carrying out a massive export and investment movement so that national economic growth is higher. The agricultural sector is one of the biggest contributors to economic growth," Amran said.

It is known that Indonesia's mangosteen export is predicted to reach 60,000 tons this year, up 553 percent from 2017's only 9,167 tons. This export represents 38 percent of the total 2018 national mangosteen production amounting to 166,725 tons. There are at least 10 exporters from several provinces ready to supply the Asian market.