Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 15:09 WIB

Energy Minister Jonan Claims Electrification Ratio Reaches 98 Percent as of Q3 2018

Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan

JAKARTA, NNC -- Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan said until the third quarter of 2018 the national electrification ratio had reached 98 percent. This figure exceeds the target set in the medium-term development plan (RPJM) document.

"Ninety-eight percent of the people in the country currently enjoy electricity services. This exceeds the target set in the medium-term development plan (RPJM) whose actual target is 97.5 percent electrification ratio at the end of 2018, next year the target is 99.9 percent," Minister Jonan said in an official statement in Jakarta on Wednesday (10/24/2018).

Despite exceeding the target, Jonan said there remains two percent, equivalent to 5.2 million Indonesians who had not enjoyed electricity. For this reason, Jonan said that the utilization of new renewable energy would complement the electricity ratio in areas that are difficult to reach.

"The 5.2 million Indonesians who have not enjoyed lighting or electricity are very many, equivalent to the entire population of the Singapore, therefore I sincerely hope that next year all will be able to enjoy lighting and for isolated and difficult-to-reach areas we use new renewable energy," he explained.

In addition to the availability of electricity, for the electricity sector, the President Joko Widodo has provided direction so that electricity prices can be made affordable by all people not just the middle class. "The President's direction is to ensure that electricity can be reached by the community. Affordable by people does not mean to be on the middle level but must be calculated from the layers of our brothers who are still disadvantaged that they are still vulnerable to poverty," explained Jonan.