Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:21 WIB

PLN Officially Operates Sintang 21 MW Steam Power Plant in West Kalimantan

Illustration: PLN

JAKARTA, NNC - State electricity company PT PLN (Persero) inaugurated the Sintang Steam Power Plant (PLTU) with a total capacity of 21 megawatts (MW). The Sintang Power Plant is part of a small-scale power plant construction project carried out by PLN in the Kalimantan region.

"We hope that the existence of this steam power plant will strengthen the electricity system in Sintang Regency and its surroundings, increase the electrification ratio and encourage economic growth in the community," said PLN Kalimantan Regional Business Director Machnizon Masri in a written statement on Thursday (11/22/2018).

Machnizon said before Sintang PLN had built a small-scale power plant in Ketapang and Sanggau in West Kalimantan Province and had been fully operational.

The construction of the Sintang Power Plant costs IDR357 billion and during the construction work period, PLN involves around 500 more local workers around the power plant. While during the operation, continued Machnizon, there were 114 local workers employed.

The Sintang Power Plant, which has three generating units with a capacity of 7 MW each, has been channeling electricity commercially to the community since October 4, 2018. Currently, the electricity produced by the power plant can be directly distributed to customers in Sintang, Melawi and Kapuas Hulu Regencies through a 20 kilovolt (kV) network.

"The Steam Power Plant which stands on a 12-hectare area is also targeted to be able to connect to the Equatorial Electricity System through substations and a 150 kV transmission network that is currently under construction," he added.

Regent of Sintang Jarot Winarno added the existence of the Sintang Steam Power Plant will certainly strengthen electricity in Sintang which is already in a surplus condition. With the improvement in electricity conditions in Sintang, Jarot added, it is expected that in the coming years more and more villages can be electrified.

With the operation of the Sintang Power Plant, the 21 MW of power generated can flow around 16,153 customers assuming the power is 1,300 volt ampere (VA) per customer.

In addition, the electrification ratio of Sintang Regency increased to 80.73 percent, which was only 64.76 percent in October. It was also able to boost the electrification ratio of West Kalimantan Province from 85.49 percent to 86.88 percent.