Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:14 WIB

Royal Corporation Introduces Six Franchise Brands in 2018

Royal Corporation Introduces Six Franchise Brands in 2018

JAKARTA, NNC - Royal Corporation, a holding company led by Anita Feng, has appeared excellent, solid, powerful in 2018 with six brands of franchise businesses engaged in the spa, culinary, contracting, interior, and bridal segments.

In a press release received by NNC, the company said its vision was to make Indonesian brands strong in its own country, while sharing knowledge with Indonesian entrepreneurs, establishing a strong Indonesian brand, and providing value and profit.

In the spa segment, there are two brands made by Anita Feng, namely the Royal Garden Spa and Roemah Rempah Spa. The Royal Garden Spa is known for its two main treatments, which are whitening spa and gold spa.

Roemah Rempah Spa is known as a signature spice spa that offers herbal scrub products, spices body masks, and spice baths.

In the culinary segment, Royal Corporation owns Le Pavillon Royal Martabak & Coffee. The brand answers three main culinary business challenges, namely reducing the risk of expired products, reducing dependence on chefs, good taste, halal and consistent.

In the wedding dress rental segment, Royal Garden Bridal invites you to become a famous bridal businessman in your city with a potential profit of tens of millions of rupiah per month.

Moreover, In the interior design segment, Royal Interior Furnishing opens the opportunity for you to become an interior entrepreneur by dressing up the room in your home or apartment to become a showroom.

As a result, you don't need to have an interior background, you don't need to have employees, it's easy to manage just by chatting via WA and the app looks at show units with customers.

For information, Royal's head office will manage the brand, issue the latest catalog, take measurements, design, produce and install. You will get an attractive fee and no need to manage product stocks. Are you interested?