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PTBA Targets Producing 3.8 Million Tons of High-Calorie Coal in 2019

PTBA Targets Producing 3.8 Million Tons of High-Calorie Coal in 2019 (ptba)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- State-owned coal company PT Bukit Asam Tbk (IDX:PTBA), also known as PTBA, targets producing 3.8 million tons of high calorie value (HCV) coal in 2019 will produce high calorie coal (HCV) in 2019. The company produced less than one million tons of HCV coal in 2018.

"In 2019 we will produce more HCV than the previous year. Last year, we still produced under one million tons. This year we will have more than three million tons. This is attributed to the response from the premium market for HCV that is still good," said Corporate Secretary of PTBA Suherman in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/4/2019).

Suherman added that PTBA is targeting the premium market in selling high-calorie coal.

One of them is Japan, because PTBA has long been supplying high calorie coal to Japan and has existing buyers here. In addition, PTBA also targets other premium markets in several countries, such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Until now, said Suherman, PTBA has held a contract to buy and sell high-calorie coal to markets in Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan. High-calorie coal is coal that is rare and has a high selling value.

Meanwhile, PTBA won the SOE 2019 Award for the Best Overall Big Corporate category. The juries agreed that PTBA was considered to have a brilliant performance that outperformed the other participants.

In the event, the company also won the Best Big Corporate CEO category. Arviyan Arifin, who is the Managing Director of Bukit Asam, was chosen as the winner of the Visionary category.