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Agriculture Ministry Targets Establishing 1,000 Organic Farming Villages

Agriculture Ministry Targets Establishing 1,000 Organic Farming Villages (kementan)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture targets the program of 1,000 Organic Farming Villages to be realized soon. As the carrier of 250 organic farming villages in the horticulture sector, the Directorate General of Horticulture coordinates with the Provincial Agriculture Office and other agencies to carry out various acceleration efforts. Supporting activities such as technical guidance, guidance and monitoring are carried out so that the organic farm villages in the horticulture sector are ready to be certified.

The director of the Ministry of Agriculture's Horticulture Protection, Sri Wijayanti Yusuf, encouraged the acceleration of certification of organic villages with the help of BPTPH and LPHP.

"I instruct that the BPTPH and LPHP of each horticulture DPO location actively conduct technical guidance on the implementation of organic agriculture so that this program can be realized quickly," said the director who is usually called Yanti, in a written statement on Wednesday (4/24/2019).

Aceh is one of the target locations. So far there have been four villages developing, one of which is in Riseh Tengoh Village, Sawang District, North Aceh Regency.

The farmer group that develops organic farming in this village is Bungong Drien. The farmer group of 20 farmers cultivates organic red chili.

"Farmers are getting excited after enjoying the results of their organic chili garden. The cost of production is relatively cheaper than conventional chili cultivation. The price is stable at around Rp.26,000 per kilogram," said the Syahrial group leader.

As a form of government support, for two consecutive years, this group received DPO support facilities in the horticulture sector. Assistance consists of trichoderma, organic fertilizer, Plant Growth Promoting Rizhobacteria (PGPR), yellow sticks, refugia seeds and some simple control facilities.

Full support from the technical guidance of the Food Crop and Horticulture Protection Agency (BPTPH) of the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Aceh Province greatly motivated farmers to expand the area of ​​land that would be cultivated organically.

Likewise, the support of the Peurelak Pests and Diseases Observation Laboratory (LPHP), in assisting farmers to increase trichoderma and making organic fertilizers and plant-based pesitisida, increasingly attracted the attention of other farmers in learning more about organic cultivation.

"It is hoped that farmers will continue to be enthusiastic and continue to improve their organic cultivation capabilities through chili plantation, given the results of the study of organic chili that has been carried out shows very satisfying results," said POPT Madya at the BPTPH of Aceh Province Agriculture and Plantation Service, Abdullah.

The results of the study of environmentally friendly chili without the application of chemicals carried out by Peurelak's LPHP, Abdullah continued, were able to produce 1.2-1.4 tons per 1,000 m2. The stages carried out in the study were applied to 4 DPOs in the horticulture sector in Aceh.

"Consistently, BPTPH and LPHP continue to socialize the application of environmentally friendly cultivation to all farmers to produce safe-consuming agricultural products while at the same time be environmentally sound," Abdullah explained.