Sunday, 28 November 2021 | 05:52 WIB

Bank Mandiri Transfers Operations of Kyai Tapa Branch Office

Bank Mandiri Transfers Operations of Kyai Tapa Branch Office (suara)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Bank Mandiri has transferred the operations of the Jakarta Kyai Tapa Branch Office to Bank Mandiri Jakarta S. Parman branch offfice.

Rully Setiawan, Corporate Secretary of Bank Mandiri, said the operational transfer was carried out as a preventive and protective measure for customers and employees, asthere is an employee who needs further examination related to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

"The health of employees and customers is our priority. So we do this as a preventive measure. We submit further information to the Ministry of Health as an institution authorized to submit information regarding Covid-19," Rully said.

Rully continued that regarding efforts to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, Bank Mandiri customers can use the latest Mandiri Online application that can serve a variety of customer financial transaction needs.

In fact, along with the digital transformation of Bank Mandiri, the wider community can now also open a savings account anywhere, without having to come to the bank's office or meet with banking staff at Bank Mandiri. "All the requirements for opening a savings account can be done by video call," Rully said.

In addition, customers can also use 24-hour ATM services. Mandiri currently has 18,291 ATM units connected in the ATM Link, ATM Bersama, Prima and Visa/Plus ATMs, EDC, and other e-banking networks.

For corporates, financial transactions can also be carried out using Mandiri Cash Management services that can be done through the work location of each company.