Thursday, 24 June 2021 | 20:31 WIB

Citi Markets and Securities Services Raise US $1 Million for Covid-19 Relief

Citi Markets and Securities Services Raise US $1 Million for Covid-19 Relief (special)

SINGAPORE, NETRALNEWS.COM - Citi announced that it has raised USD 1 million in Asia Pacific in an effort to support the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to address COVID-19 challenges across the region.

The fund-raising was a joint effort by several Markets and Securities Services businesses including Regional Cash Equities, Rates & Currencies, and Corporate Sales & Solutions, to donate a percentage of their revenues during the campaign period of May 18-22.

"These are historic times and the COVID-19 pandemic poses a test for our generation like none we have seen," says Stuart Staley, Citi's Asia Pacific Head of Markets and Securities Services.

"This was an employee-led initiative that was designed to address the disproportionally large impact that the Coronavirus is having on vulnerable communities throughout the APAC region. We are grateful to our clients for their continued support and partnering with us to make a positive difference in the communities that we serve across the region."

Citi's contribution to the UNDP will be used for the most vulnerable and marginalized communities across the region, including families below the poverty line, women at risk and migrant workers. It will be used for providing socio-economic recovery and livelihood support, including food rations, medical supplies, and personal protection equipment to those most impacted from COVID-19 due to loss of livelihood and inaccessibility to healthcare and essential needs.

To learn more about UNDP's response to COVID-19, please visit their website. (*)