Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | 21:44 WIB

Merpati Training Center Opens New Program

Merpati Training Center Opens New Program (mtc)

SURABAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Education and educational activities must continue, although the Covid-19 outbreak is still ongoing. That is what is being conducted by Merpati Training Center (MTC), based in Juanda Airport, Surabaya, East Java.

A number of schedules follow the rules of the East Java Provincial Government, and have been forced to be withdrawn. Schedules that have to be kept running are also done online. For example, the re-entry schedule for students planned on June 16 had to be postponed until July 6.

MTC's Marketing and Business Development Manager Hermawati Setyo Anggarini explained that the rescheduling was due to MTC adjusting conditions in relation to several regions that were still implementing Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) measures.

"So it is expected that students will be in Surabaya on July 6th. Furthermore, we will adjust to the local protocol, whether they can directly enter education or have to quarantine 14 days beforehand," Hermawati said when contacted by Netralnews, Friday (07/03/2020).

Hermawati added that when returning to Surabaya, students are also required to take a Rapid Test to ensure their condition of health.

In connection with this, MTC has prepared several plans in the administration of education. First, if students are indeed required to undergo quarantine, the learning process will be carried out online during the quarantine period.

The second plan, Hermawati explained, is that if there is no quarantine and there are students who have not been able to return to Surabaya due to transportation constraints, then a mixed class will be opened.

"So the class is offline for those who have come to MTC Surabaya, and online for those who have not been able to come," she said.

Meanwhile, Hermawati also explained that MTC, which is a subsidiary of Merpati Nusantara Airline, has opened admissions for all majors.

"The Pilot program has started flying on June 16 in Sumenep (Madura), BAMC (Basic Aircraft Maintenance Course) batch 4 we have started online from May, while the airline staff, flight attendants, and AVSEC (Aviation Security) classes will open in class this July," Hermawati said.

She also explained that for classes that were just running, MTC still opened registration for new students.

"Like the Flight Operation Officer (FOO) batch 116 class, which started the class at the end of June, we will continue to open registration for batch 117 in August," Hermawati said.

Special Pilot Education Program

No less interesting, Merpati Pilot School (MPS), which is part of MTC, has also opened a special program which is about learning to become a pilot. This class is open to the general public who are interested in aviation and young people who want to become pilots.

Hermawati said the purpose of this program was to prepare prospective pilot students who would take the entrance exam for pilot schools. Second, to provide more information to the public about the pilot profession.

"In addition, the special program is also aimed to provide opportunities for anyone who once aspired to become a pilot but has not yet been achieved," she said.

She continued that the special program lasts for three days. They will take Aviation Knowledge and How to Fly an Aircraft lessons in class, fly simulations in MPS simulators, and they can even experience real flying by carrying out aptitude tests on planes for those who want to continue pilot school.

"Initially the program was opened to the public of all ages. In fact, the program was in demand by a number of entrepreneurs," Hermawati said.