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Citi Asia Sign Up Over 6,000 University Students with Virtual Campus Recruitment

Citi Asia Sign Up Over 6,000 University Students with Virtual Campus Recruitment (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Citi Asia Pacific has recently launched an innovative virtual program to support campus recruitment, which will be open for enrollment to all students around the world. The program, which also cover careers in Asia Pacific, includes opportunities for students to explore Investment Banking and Citi's client sales and trading business called Markets and Securities Services. In the span of two weeks, the bank has enrolled over 6,000 students virtually from over 500 universities, including in Indonesia, which would normally take several months when conducted through the conventional physical campus recruitment.

Yardley Young, Head of Human Resources Citi Indonesia said "A total of 69 students enrolled in this program in Indonesia. This program reflects our commitment to support campus recruitment as well as to facilitate leading individuals for the Indonesian banking sector."

This online program is designed to provide students with an insight into life as an analyst, while helping them build the skills and confidence to pursue a career with Citi. This is a free online program for students to build practical skills and career confidence. Students will get to sample 'lifelike' on-the-job tasks to better understand what a career in banking can offer while developing valuable skills for employability.

The virtual experience includes the following:

- In each module, there is a case study, designed by our bankers, where we present students with a business problem and invite them to submit their solution.

- Students with submissions that stand out may be contacted for permanent roles at Citi or internship opportunities next summer.

- As part of their submission, Citi is encouraging students to submit self-videos, which gives the opportunity to bring their CV to life.

- Virtual calls with senior members of Citi's management team in Asia Pacific.

- Virtual Informal Sessions

"This virtual experience is another smart way to embrace technology to ensure we continue to attract leading talent, and it also helps us broaden our appeal to more people around the world. We are delighted with the response so far, and I look forward to welcoming many of these students to Citi," said Jan Metzger, Head of Asia Pacific Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory Asia Pacific, on Monday (07/27/2020).

"We are increasingly using technology across our business, and this is another example of how we can apply it in innovative ways to support our growth. The program will give students great insight into Citi’s Asia Pacific business and also gives us an opportunity to target a much more diverse group of candidates given it is open to everyone," said Stuart Staley, Head of Markets and Securities Services Asia Pacific. The links to the programs can be found here and here.

Additionally, Citi Indonesia also offers summer analyst program, which is a structured 10-week program designed to equip successful participants with foundational knowledge, soft and technical skills in the banking world. This year, there are 13 high performing college students chosen to be summer analyst in Indonesia. These Indonesian students will be put in various line of businesses such as Consumer Banking, Operations and Technology (O&T), Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS), and Markets and Securities Services (MSS).