Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | 22:17 WIB

Sinar Mas Land Urges Learning Creativity during Pandemic via Education Festival

Deputy Group CEO of Sinar Mas Land Monik William (sinarmasland)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The 6th Sinar Mas Land Education Festival which took place since May 20, 2020, reached its peak on Thursday (7/30). The theme of the festival this time is "Semangat, Indonesia Merdeka Belajar" (Freedom to Learn Indonesia). This was raised because the learning system now turns into distance learning from face to face learning prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was done as an adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic conditions. Therefore, the 6th Sinar Mas Land Education Festival ran various online and online educational activities for the two months.

A number of local regional heads also given speech at the peak of the 6th Sinar Mas Land Education Festival. One of them is Tangerang Regent Ahmed Zaki Iskandar. He expressed his gratitude to Sinar Mas Land through PT BSD Tbk in providing assistance through the CSR program to the Tangerang District Government in the form of the 6th Sinar Mas Land Education Festival.

He is optimistic that the activity will benefit the world of education, and hopes the event to be held again in the following years. The Mayor of South Tangerang Airin Rachmi Diany also expressed her appreciation to Sinar Mas Land. "Hopefully this year's education festival will encourage the children to increase their education and knowledge," she said.

Head of Banten Province Education and Culture Office Muhammad Yusuf, who was present representing the Governor of Banten, also expressed gratitude and appreciation to CSR Sinar Mas Land that organized an educational festival within the framework of the Fun School Movement (GSM) in Banten.

"Hopefully the activity will be beneficial for students and in the future Sinar Mas Land CSR will hold the activity again," he said.

In addition, the heads of the education office and the heads of the Ministry of Religion in the Tangerang Regency and the City of South Tangerang were also present.

On that occasion, GSM Founder Muhammad Nur Rizal presented a presentation with the theme of the new Indonesian education order. In addition, the event was enlivened by Choir Sinar Mas Land who performed Indonesia Pusaka song. There is also the showing of videos of the winners of the literacy, vlog, and STEAM competitions.

As an encouragement for encouragement, Sinar Mas Land appreciates students who actively participate in learning organized by CSR Sinar Mas Land BSD City and teachers for their dedication during the pandemic by seeking innovations so that education can be well delivered.

The series of activities in the education festival that forms a form of corporate social responsibility is actually a form of appreciation for the National Education Day which falls every 2 May. The educational content is very diverse, such as literacy works by making popular essays, making vlogs as information technology-based activities, STEAM learning design, and Blended Learning seminars and workshops for all stakeholders in the realm of education.

Blended learning that combines distance learning with face to face is expected to be an alternative application of the education model when adapting new habits (new normal).

Through this year's education festival, Sinar Mas Land would like to invite educators to develop creativity and innovation in making appropriate learning models. For students, the activity is expected to be able to prepare them for the new school year by igniting the enthusiasm to continue to actively study in a fun atmosphere and learning model.

A number of practitioners and education activists provide online education with various educational materials, such as Agatha Pertiwi as a translator and editor, Kevin Sucianto as a copywriter, and Jetty Maynur as the principal and activist of madrasas. There is also socialization related to blended learning as a learning model that can be used by educators in the new order of education in Indonesia.

At present GSM is developing the model in schools that join in it.

Sinar Mas Land facilitates seminars and training for movers, especially in Tangerang Raya, in the preparation of syllabus in the form of scenarios. Webinars and workshops on blended learning have been held several times.

Deputy Group CEO of Sinar Mas Land Monik William said that organizing educational festivals during the pandemic, which had a significant impact on the business world, showed that Sinar Mas Land, through PT Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Tbk, remained consistent in its commitment to support the sustainability of education.

"All of our efforts are none other than as a form of corporate support to the Indonesian education world, especially towards the creation of intelligent, cultured and civilized community life. It is here, Sinar Mas Land takes an active role to be the driving force for the transformation of society towards modern civilizations that are sophisticated, superior and civil, "concluded Monik.