Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:33 WIB

Hungrypedia: The Culinary Franchise Offering Ample Profits to its Partners

Hungrypedia: The Culinary Franchise Offering Ample Profits to its Partners (netralnewsdotcom)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Do you want to start a culinary business? Are you confused by the concepts, menus, and raw materials needed to start a culinary business? If yes, Hungrypedia is the answer for you.

Hungrypedia is the best culinary franchise business in Indonesia that offers cafe or restaurant business opportunities, while also offering a myriad of advantages for its partners.

Ikhsan Saputra, Senior Consultant at Hungrypedia, said Hungrypedia is a brand with more than 50 culinary business experts behind it. Starting from the same company, their vast collected experiences are now dedicated to Hungrypedia.

The owners and experts then founded Hungrypedia, with experience as the most important person in raising three SME brands across 64 cities throughout Indonesia, with a total of more than 800 outlets.

"There are a lot of businesses, one of which is property, energy, and culinary. For example, the starting money to make a tea drink is only IDR750, and it is sold for IDR5,000. It is still reasonable and relatively cheap. A coffee drink is made using starting money of IDR3,000, and is sold for IDR48,000. The profits in the culinary business can exceed that of other businesses," Ikhsan said to Netralnews.

On the same occasion, Hungrypedia Senior Consultant Dede Lestari said there are many advantages of joining Hungrypedia as a partner. Among them is that there is no profit sharing, and the profits are 100 percent for partners.

"There is no royalty fees and franchise fees. Usually, in other franchises, there is a 5-10 percent profit sharing fee that must be deposited to the center. However, in Hungrypedia, 100 percent of the profits go to partners," she said.

Another advantage is that partners are free to add their own menus, in addition to the Hungrypedia menus which have been varied. It is believed that Hungrypedia can also increase turnover from the culinary business.

"Partners throughout Indonesia can add food menu creations that are typical of their regions. We also do not have a monopoly on food ingredients, so partners can buy raw materials in their regions as long as they have the same quality standards," Dede said.

Every six months, Hungrypedia also releases a variety of new menus so as not to be monotonous. The menu prices are affordable and there is no need to doubt the taste. The menus offered are western, Indonesian, as well as various drinks and snacks.

In addition, partners are given freedom to design the concept of a cafe or restaurant that they want, such as using the concepts of industrial, go green, or contemporary, to name a few.

"The partnership system is also affordable, starting from IDR168 million to open a cafe or restaurant. In addition, there are small, medium, and large scales that are flexible, considering the needs of partners," Dede added.

Covid-19 Pandemic Brings Right Momentum for Culinary Business

Ikhsan also assured that the Covid-19 pandemic is not a barrier for partners to do business. Currently, it is even considered to be the right momentum to open a business in the culinary segment.

In the midst of competitors who are significantly affected by the pandemic, went out of business, and even laying off employees, Hungrypedia is proven to be still standing strong with various strategies. One of the efforts made is doing online marketing, as food is one of the basic needs of humans even amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, Hungrypedia also supports various central and local government policies. Hungrypedia also does not forget to apply various health protocols that apply in cafes or restaurants. Among them are visitors who are expected to use masks, body temperature checks, using hand sanitizer or washing their hands, and keeping their distance.

"Don't be afraid of business during a pandemic, because people need to eat. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic is the best moment (to open a culinary business)," said Ikhsan.

How, are you interested in joining as a partner? If you want complete information, you can visit Hungrypedia's website here, or visit their Instagram page