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SuperKiosk Sponsors Indonesia Satu PAGI-Golf1 Tournament in Bogor

Indonesia Satu PAGI-Golf1 Tournament in Bogor />
SuperKiosk Sponsors Indonesia Satu PAGI-Golf1 Tournament in Bogor (superkiosk)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Modern retail business SuperKiosk has become one of the main sponsors of the Indonesia Satu PAGI-Golf1 event. The tournament was held successfully by the Indonesian Golf Academy Association (PAGI) at Emeralda Golf Club, Cimanggis, Depok, Bogor, West Java, on Sunday (10/18/2020).

SuperKiosk marketing Rizky Amelia said the company welcomed the collaboration with the PAGI golf event that was attended by Indonesian golfers. SuperKiosk also opened outlets and offered promising business opportunities in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic for prospective merchants.

"We conducted brand awareness and offered business opportunities for families or relatives of the golf tournament participants. The tournament participants can introduce suitable business opportunities amid the Covid-19 pandemic," Rizky Amelia, also known as Kiky, said to Netralnews, on Monday (10/19/2020).

"SuperKiosk offers opportunities for people who want to own a modern, easy-to-use retail business, with a security deposit value that is worth the goods that are deposited. To run the SuperKiosk business, only a smartphone and a small space suitable for storing merchandise at home are needed," she explained.

The SuperKiosk application is available for download and registration on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

"Prospective merchants who are interested in joining can visit and register. The registration data will be processed for a maximum of seven days," Kiky said.

Other Sponsor Behind the Success of the PAGI-Golf1 Golf Tournament

In addition to SuperKiosk, there are also other sponsors who have contributed to the success of the PAGI-Golf1 Golf event, including Rych Water and Rych Coffee.

During the event, Director of Rych Water Roger Leo explained the importance of living a healthy life and maintaining positive activities, such as golf, during a pandemic.

"Using the MSP-2000 filtration machine from Mosslein Wassertechnik in Germany, we prioritize water clarity and maintain the Ph balance needed by the body so the water is suitable to drink at any time," Roger said.

Meanwhile, Rych Coffee owns a cafe in the area of ​​The Sultan Hotel. The cafe's concept is to introduce a rich variety of flavors from the best coffee producer centers in Indonesia. The coffee producers referred to include Gayo, Toraja, Java Ijen, Flores, and so on, with 100 percent full arabica that are processed only from first grade coffee beans.

Thanks to these sponsors, the PAGI-Golf1 Golf event was successful. In the event, a number of raffle prizes were also distributed to the winners of the competition.

The following is a summary of the names of the tournament winners:

Novelty Winner:


Iwan Tahandi

Herry H


Nett Flight C Winners:

Best Nett 3: Asmi Bagindo

Best Nett 2: Satria Hendri

Best Nett 1: Amri


Nett Flight B Winners:

Best Nett 3: Guder W.

Best Nett 2: Jaka

Best Nett 1: Lasmono


Nett Flight A Winners:

Best Nett 3: Eko Yuri

Best Nett 2: Danang Mulyanto

Best Nett 1: Ferry Kono


Best Nett Overall (BNO) Champion: Ujang

Best Gross Overall (BGO) Champion: Wito