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These Types of Investments are the Most Favorite in Indonesia

These Types of Investments are the Most Favorite in Indonesia (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The development of investments in Indonesia is very promising. In the past, investment was considered only for the rich. Nowadays, investing is more attractive to many people. However, basically, investment is intended for everyone, and not only just for certain groups.

Here are the types of investments that are most in demand in Indonesia, as they have proven to be profitable:


This type of investment is often chosen by novice investors due to its low investment risk. In addition, timed deposits are considered almost similar to savings. What distinguishes deposits from savings lies in the higher interest rate and also the maturity period itself.

The bigger the funds you invest, the higher the deposit interest rate. In addition, deposits cannot be withdrawn at any time like savings accounts, since deposits have a tenor or duration that have previously been agreed upon. Therefore, deposits are one of the most popular types of investments in Indonesia, particularly among beginner investors.


Gold is one type of investments that is most in demand by various groups. For novice and experienced investors in their fields, gold investment is always an accurate choice. This is because investing in gold has a low risk, and the selling value of gold has always increased steadily every year.

If you are interested in investing in gold, choose the type of gold bullion or bar investment. This pure gold bullion is calculated based on its weight, and thus is calculated differently than gold jewelry in general. The benefits of investing in gold are certain and the value can continue to increase.


Generally all types of investment are not much different, the same is the case with investing in property. This type of investment allows you to own physical objects or objects that are tangible. What is interesting is that the selling value of property can continue to increase, while the risk is quite low.

Property investment is generally land on which property has built up or leased property. To get a profit, this type of investment is sold when prices are rising sharply in the market. That's why property investment is a profitable long-term investment.

Mutual Funds

This type of investment allows several investors to collect investment funds which will later be invested in various instruments in the capital market. Mutual funds consist of five types, including money market, fixed income mutual funds, equity funds, balanced mutual funds, and index mutual funds.

All types of mutual funds have different risks and potentials. The lowest risk is in money market mutual funds, while the highest risk is in equity funds. Even so, the type of mutual fund investment is quite popular, especially among novice investors.


Bonds or Government Securities are investments in the form of debt securities issued by private companies or by the Indonesian Government which are considered promising. This type of investment allows you to make a profit within 1 to 10 years. You could say that bonds have a fairly high risk, just like stocks. However, this type of investment is perfect for middle to upper class investors.


This type of investment has the greatest advantage when compared to other types of investment. However, the risk of investing in stocks is quite high, as stocks are an asset that belongs to a company with a relatively large value.

The returns on stock capital generally comes from dividends and the development of the stock itself. Even though it is considered high risk, many investors are pursuing this kind of investment.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer Lending is part of a relatively new type of investment. But make no mistake, as its popularity is skyrocketing due to the system of legal clarity and convenience it offers. It is evident that many fintech lending companies are pursuing this type of business model.

Uniquely, the amount of funds that revolve around this investment is growing rapidly. In this type of investment, you can lend money to those who need it, and the people who lend your money can be individuals or a company. Like a bank loan, the return on this investment comes from the interest that has been agreed upon by both parties.