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New Industrial Area Subang Smartpolitan Opens Doors to Investors

New Industrial Area Subang Smartpolitan Opens Doors to Investors (ssia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - After successfully developing Suryacipta City of Industry industrial area in Karawang, Surya Internusa Group (IDX:SSIA), through its subsidiary, PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta), has launched the development of a future independent city with a smart & sustainable city concept. The latest independent city project is named Subang Smartpolitan.

Subang Smartpolitan, which is located in the Rebana Metropolitan area, has become the target of domestic and foreign businesses that will develop their businesses in Indonesia, particularly in the eastern corridor of West Java.

Johannes Suriadjadja, President Director of Surya Internusa Group, said "Subang Smartpolitan is a city made from future with a smart & sustainable concept. We build quality independent cities that are in line with the company's vision, namely Building a Better Indonesia. Subang Smartpolitan will become a modern city full of creativity that contributes not only to the city of Subang, but also to Indonesia."

"Subang Smartpolitan provides IoT-based infrastructure, where the planning prioritizes efficient and integrated urban technology and systems so that Subang Smartpolitan can be an ideal example for the further development of independent cities in Indonesia," Johannes said in a press release on Thursday (12/24/2020).

Abednego Purnomo, VP of Sales & Marketing, explained that the definition of sustainable in the smart & sustainable concept is not only oriented towards being environmentally friendly, but sustainable here also means that every investments/businesses carried out in Subang Smartpolitan runs sustainably.

"We have improved our 31 years of experience in Suryacipta City of Industry in Karawang by adopting the latest technology to promote efficiency and effectiveness in investing. For example, investors will be able to monitor and control operations in Subang Smartpolitan from their offices in Jakarta, or even from their head offices in their home countries," Abednego said.

Subang Smartpolitan also applies environmentally friendly concept (green technology), such as the processing of wastewater. The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is closely monitored so that it does not have a negative impact on the environment due to industrial activities in Subang Smartpolitan.

"Liquid waste will be processed at the WWTP until it is confirmed that the waste returned to nature is safe. Solid waste or B3 waste (containing toxic/hazardous substances) will be submitted to an accredited and certified waste manager, while household waste will be transported by cleaning personnel," he said.

Meanwhile, VP of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications at SSIA Erlin Budiman said "Subang Smartpolitan stands on land of 2,700 hectares, with the first phase development comprising of 400 hectares that incudes industrial, residential and commercial areas (education, hospitals and hotels). Therefore, this area is the starting point of a future independent city that is right for work, living, learning and entertainment activities.

"There are two hospitals that are currently in the exploration phase. Moreover, shopping malls, factory outlets, as well as entertainment and sports facilities will also be developed. In the area, there will also be lakes and a beautiful atmosphere of trees and gardens that add to the comfortable atmosphere. We have planned each details carefully. The first phase of development is expected to completed over the next five years," Erlin said.