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Astra Invites Youths to Become Inspirational Figures for Indonesia

Astra Invites Youths to Become Inspirational Figures for Indonesia (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - It has been 365 days since COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was announced in Indonesia. The pandemic has affected all human life, particularly youths.

According to the International Labour Organization's report, the youths are the generation that gets the most significant impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, Indonesia is starting a demography bonus which started in 2020, and it is estimated to end in 2045. The demography bonus is a period where Indonesia experiences a productive-age spring that becomes a social base in speeding up growth in Indonesia.

Therefore, Astra, through Semangat Astra Terpadu Untuk (SATU) Indonesia Awards program, which started in 2010 and is continuing until now, keeps focusing on recruiting youths because the nation's future is in their hands.

Through the 12th SATU Indonesian Awards in 2021, Astra invites all youths to work together to become an inspirational figure in advancing the nation. It is an invitation for the public and all Astra workers to keep holding on and moving forward in achieving the goals that are planned together. The matter is in accordance with Astra's 64-years journey in creating and giving inspiration to the public in achieving welfare goals along with the nations. 

"We cannot overcome the pandemic alone. With Semangat Melaju Bersama (the spirit to move forward together), we can move forward together to help the nation and to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic," said Astra Chief of Corporate Affairs Riza Deliansyah on Tuesday (03/02/2021). 

The kick-off of 12th SATU Indonesian Awards in 2021, which is held online on Tuesday (03/02/2021), is Astra's commitment in supporting the youths to contribute for the society. The appreciation is given to the youths who constantly give benefits for the society through five fields: Health, Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and one group category that represents the five fields. This year, Astra adds a special appreciation category for the selfless fighters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration is Open

The kick-off also marks the opening of the 12th SATU Indonesian Awards registration. The event is attended by lots of interviewees. There are an appreciation receiver of 2020 SATU Indonesian Awards technology category from Bali named I Gede Merta Yoga Pratama, an appreciation receiver of 2020 SATU Indonesian Awards health category from Kupang named Mariana Yunita Hendriani Opat, and an appreciation receiver of 2020 SATU Indonesian Awards selfless fighter category from Cilegon named Arya Ananda Indrajaya Lukmana. The three of them share their story about their hard work in helping people.

The Composition of Judges

The judges of the 2021 SATU Indonesian Awards come from various backgrounds. There are Prof. Nila Moeloek (Medical Faculty’s Lecturer of Indonesia University), Prof. Emil Salim (Postgraduate Environmental Science Lecturer of Indonesia University), Prof. Fasli Jalal (YARSI University’s Rector and Postgraduate Professor of Jakarta State University), Ir. Tri Mumpuni (Institute of Business and People's Economics Founder), Onno W. Purbo Ph.D. (Information Technology Specialist),Toriq Hadad (Tempo President Director), Dian Sastrowardoyo (Art Activist), Billy Boen (Young On Top Founder), Boy Kelana Soebroto (Head of Corporate Communications Astra), and Diah Suran Febrianti (Head of Environment & Social Responsibility Astra). By cooperating with Tempo, Antara, Kumparan, IDN Times and Young On Top, Astra has targeted 10,000 participants this year. In 2020, the number of participants surpassed 10,036 people.

12th SATU Indonesian Awards Appreciation Receivers Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and condition of 12th SATU Indonesian Awards Appreciation Receivers:

1. The maximum age is 35 years old

2. An individual or a group (3 people at minimum)

3. The activity must be original

4. The activity must be on-going for at least a year (except the selfless fighter category during the COVID-19 pandemic)

5. Have not received any national or international awards

6. Not an employee of Astra Group or SATU Indonesia partner

7. Can register another person who are illegible

8. The proposed program should not receive any benefits from Astra Group

Each of the appreciation receivers in the national level and special appreciations will get IDR60 million of activity assistance funds and activity mentoring. The registration is open from March 2nd 2021 to August 2nd 2021. For further information about SATU Indonesia Awards, please access the website