Friday, 28 January 2022 | 15:29 WIB

JBA Indonesia: Used Vehicle Auction Rises 11 Percent in 2021

JBA Indonesia: Used Vehicle Auction Rises 11 Percent in 2021 (antara)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The JBA auction center of PT JBA Indonesia says public interest in participating in used car and motorcycle auctions is on the rise in 2021. As of the first quarter of 2021, used car and motorcycle auction participation have increased around 11 percent.

With this data, JBA is optimistic about facing a pandemic condition that has not ended this year, as sales performance is also on the uptrend.

Seeing that the market share of used car and motorbike enthusiasts is still wide and has this potential, JBA management has also prepared several innovations and new features to make the experience of entrusting and shopping for cars easier, more comfortable, and efficient.

"Running a business in the midst of a pandemic is not easy. However, we also believe in maintaining and caring for each other so that we can get through challenging things together, especially during this difficult pandemic," said Shioyama Kazuhiro, Chief Executive Officer of PT JBA. Indonesia in a press release on Monday (03/15/2021).

Some of the innovations prepared by JBA include One JBA Membership, a membership program for buyers and auction vehicles. Although previously having a membership program, this membership launch comes with four member levels according to the needs of buyers and sellers of used vehicles for auction at JBA.

One JBA Membership is supported by a digital-based system so that each member can check data on sales, purchases, exchange gifts, and get the latest information online.

There is also Quick Pay-Instant Pay-Flexi Pay, a special service for private car buyers or dealers to get faster sales results, namely on auction day or a maximum of a day after auction.

Meanwhile, Instant Pay Pay allows private car buyers to immediately get payments of up to 70 percent of the total price on the same day the car is deposited in the JBA pool for auction.

Finally, there is Stoku, which is a vehicle inventory management system that is dedicated to unit buyers or used company vehicles that are going to auction at JBA.

Unit depositing companies can check every unit of incoming vehicles, vehicles that are ready to be auctioned, vehicles sold or unsold, and when the vehicle is in the hands of the buyer in real time, as it is digital-based.

JBA is also designing strategies and aggressively reaching sales targets for 2021 by opening new, larger branches, and several new hubs outside Java, such as in Samarinda, Sampit, and Aceh. JBA will also continue to expand this year.

In addition to successfully encouraging used car and motorcycle enthusiasts to buy through used vehicle auction, JBA is also running a donation program to areas in Indonesia that were hit by the disaster in early January as proof of the company's responsibility.

Recently, with the JBA Optimize Kindness campaign, the company has set aside IDR15,000 for each car unit sold, and IDR5,000 for each motorbike unit sold during the February auction.

The total funds raised during the auction period in February for donation reaches IDR85,396,802. The JBA Optimize Kindness Program also invites JBA employees to donate clothes and cash.