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Barokah KUBE Empowers The Economy of Local Community

Barokah KUBE Empowers The Economy of Local Community (martinarosa)

MAGELANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - To actualize the social welfare of the poor, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs has formed Joint Business Group (KUBE) program.

KUBE is a group of poor Beneficiary Recipient Families (PM) which is formed, grows, and develops in order to carry out Productive Economic Enterprises (UEP).

The goal of KUBE is to realize the economic independence of the community to increase the income and social welfare of poor families.

KUBE consists of 5-20 poor families who are included in the Integrated Data for Handling the Poor and Poor People (DTPFMOTM).

Siswanto, village chief of Kemutuk Village, Tempuran District, Magelang Regency, Central Java, said that in his area there is a KUBE named Barokah that was established in 2019.

"The establishment was initiated by submitting a proposal through the Magelang Regency Social Service Office, and fulfilling various other administrative requirements," Siswanto said on Tuesday (06/08/2021).

Indeed, there were many proposals submitted, such as Uninhabitable Houses (Rutilahu), Environmental Facilities (Sarling), and KUBE.

In Kemutuk Village, the fund proposal submitted by KUBE was bought by the management for cows. Then, it was known as KUBE Sapi Barokah, considering that mountainous conditions that are close to Perhutani land, it is easy to obtain animal feed.

"The cows are healthy and large, and one of the cows has given birth," said Siswanto.

In addition to cattle farming in Kemutuk Village, it is also suitable as a place for breeding goats and sheep with fertile natural conditions.

"There is economic value from cattle, such as the manure used by residents for manure on agricultural land owned by local residents," he said.

Ikul, a Kemetuk Village staff who assisted in coordinating for Barokah KUBE, said the Barokah KUBE could help the community.

"The presence of the Barokah KUBE is for the empowerment of the surrounding community. Hopefully it can continue to improve the welfare of the members," he said.

Community groups can be helped by KUBE pilots, especially those related to economic empowerment to make them more prosperous.

"KUBE assistance is for the welfare of its members, at the same time there was an addition of cattle from the Ministry of Social Affairs," Ikul added.