Friday, 20 May 2022 | 18:43 WIB

Aceh Potential for Being Halal Tourism Area, Here is Why

Member of House Commission X Arzetty Bilbina

ACEH, NETRALNEWS.COM - Member of the House of Representatives Commission X Arzetty Bilbina Setyawan said the potential for tourism in Aceh is indeed acknowledged very much. The area has a fairly long coastline, as well as very interesting culinary and cultural activities.

Aceh also has its own uniqueness compared to other areas, wherein Aceh has the potential of sharia tourism. Aceh can develop a halal tourism that is a necessity for Muslim tourists in a world that every year travels the world.

"However, it is unfortunate that Aceh has the beauty and extraordinary natural wealth but has not been able to show the existence of sharia tourism. Yet if viewed from the potential of sharia facilities and tourist destinations, Aceh has the potential that is quite adequate compared to other regions," said the Member of House Commission X during the work visit of the House.

Arzetty assessed one of the obstacles is the lack of government attention in seeking the implementation of creative industry-based tourism in areas that have beautiful tourism destinations, such as Weh Island, Sabang.

"Our country missed rapidness from Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan which have already applied the concept of sharia-based tourism. In fact sharia tourism or religious tourism is a characteristic that rarely other areas have," she said.

"Currently, sharia tourism is still interpreted as a spiritual tourism. This understanding is because of lack of awareness towards sharia tourism. In fact potential of sharia tourism becomes increasingly better with people's awareness of preferring sharia tourism," said Arzetty in a publication on Sunday (8/6/2017). (*)