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Roni Checks Out Earlier from Hotel after Spirits Haunted His Room

Roni Checks Out Earlier from Hotel after Spirits Haunted His Room (Special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The story of a hotel inhabited by invisible creatures is not a strange story. However, it becomes a valuable story if the story is obtained from direct sources who have experienced the mystical events while staying in a luxury hotel.

His nickname is Roni (41). He is a young businessman who is engaged in the Indonesian culinary field and lives in the city of Yogyakarta. He came to Jakarta to fulfill the invitation for a wedding reception of one of his friends in the North Jakarta area.

Inadvertently NNC was able to meet and chat with him. Many things are discussed, but the most unique is the chat about the mystical experience he had experienced, while staying at a 5-star hotel in Jakarta.

In 2015, Roni stayed at the hotel because he was asked to become an event facilitator in training prospective young entrepreneurs, who would start a business in the culinary field. According to the plan, he would stay for two days.

On the first day, Roni hosted the training program vigorously until around 10pm. After administration and a little coordination with the committee, he decided to immediately go to his hotel room to rest.

"Since I entered the room, I immediately felt there was something strange. Usually, I have never been afraid or thought that was nonsense. But that night, my body immediately shuddered when I entered and closed the hotel room's door, "recalled Roni starting his story.

But because he was tired, Roni tried to ignore the hunch. He then sat on the sofa of the room and began to take off his shoes, put down his backpack, and change clothes.

"I was just about to take off the socks, suddenly, the curtains of the room windows opened and let the view of the night scene in the city of Jakarta look like at a glance," said Roni.

Again, Roni's heart gasped. In the room there is no fan. Roni wondered for a moment, is there maybe a cat in this hotel as grand as this? There was nothing around the window.

Roni continued to fix his personal equipment to take a bath. He really felt tired and wanted to rest soon.

In the bathroom, a strange event happened again. "When I take a shower, the walls of the room are like banging on them. "The noise came from the next room," Roni said.

Roni is still trying to ignore the oddity. In his mind, he must rest immediately. However, it turned out that his hopes were not accomplished. A power that could not be redefined bothered him.

"After taking a shower, I heard the sound of music mixed with the voices of women shouting, also the voices of people whether chasing or punching. What is certain is that the sound is very noisy and noisy, "said Roni with an irritated face.

This time, Roni can't stand it. He felt really disturbed. His heart feels uncomfortable. With such conditions, he can't possibly rest. On his head also began to come the thought that it turned out that the service at this luxury hotel, was not satisfying.

He decided to complain to the hotel. With the communication facilities in the room, Roni called the hotel complaint service number. He asked for help so that the occupants of the next room reduced the noise.

The female voice from the complaint number then asks for time to ascertain who ordered Roni's next room. One minute later the officer informed him that all the rooms next to Roni's room were empty or no one had ordered.

"I asked the clerk to make sure and once again the answer was the same," said Roni, remembering when the anger mixed with fear began to spread throughout his body.

Roni asks that officers come to his room. He wanted to make sure every room was next. Roni was then asked to wait a while, because the hotel waiter would come.

Just now Roni put the receiver down, he was startled. "In the corner of the room, suddenly there was a shadowy figure of a woman dressed in white with long hair rattling her face," said Roni.

So shocked and so scared, spontaneously from Roni's mouth flew out all the prayers he had learned to cast out demons, while his eyes closed because he could not stand the appearance in front of him.

Whether because of the prayer he said or because of the knock on the door of the room, when Roni opened his eyes again, the shadow of the woman disappeared.

Roni immediately opened the door. Two hotel maids at the door tried to fulfill all of Roni's requests. They were confused when they saw Roni like a frightened person and forced the waiter to help fix all of Roni's belongings.

Roni decided to check out right away. He felt that it was no longer possible to continue resting in the hotel room.

The two hotel maids who originally wanted to show the condition of the next room, now on duty to help Roni pack to check out. They both tried to hide his confused face, because they did not know what had happened.

After completing all the administration, that night Roni still couldn't rest. "Even though I had moved to another hotel room, until morning, I could not close my eyes. "The image of a long-haired woman has not disappeared in my eyes," Roni recalled.

Even so, due to maintaining professionalism, he continued on the second day as a training facilitator. Once the program was over, Roni decided to immediately return to Yogyakarta.

The next day, Roni was in his house and gathered with his wife and children. Only then he felt relieved and could really rest.

He only found out that rumors about luxury hotels were haunted, it turned out to be true. The experience he experienced has proven that the story is not nonsense.

When Roni heard the news about the existence of the hotel, he was not surprised. The peak, on March 21, 2018, the hotel located on Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 1, Ancol, North Jakarta, was shut down.

After having transformed from Hotel Ancol to Hotel Alexis, his business permit ended because it was suspected of holding a prostitution business. That said, in addition to prostitiusi, there are also many drug transactions.

And what is not less controversial is the number of spirits that inhabit the hotel since its inception. And this time, Roni witnessed the mystical event himself.