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Indonesia‘s Baduy Tribe and Their Potent Spells

Indonesia's Baduy Tribe and Their Potent Spells (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The famous Baduy or Kanekes tribe are known for their magic spells. The mantras they conjure when they're about to do something, like hunting animals or anything, are potent.

It is easy for these tribesmen to capture bees on a tree or animals or wild animals. By conjuring magic words and then sweeping their hands toward the nest and the crowd of thousands of bees, within seconds after they read, the bees fly away leaving the nest and the bee’s nest can be picked safely.

If someone asks for their spell, they will not give it. Because customary rules prohibit them from spreading any mantra in Baduy society to anyone outside their tribe.

The mantra is not easy to be controlled by them sakalipun. For learning the mantra, use certain rituals like with white rooster, white cloth, and white water. The giver of the mantra is a traditional elder who holds strong magic. These elders can not be met by outsiders, except the Baduy youth themselves who are prepared as successors of the occult knowlegde of the Baduy Tribe.

In addition to the science of conquering wild animals, dangerous bees and poisonous snakes, the Baduy community is also very strong walkers, and can walk barefoot for hundreds of miles under the intense sun. The soles of their feet become thick and strong. Nails will be bent, thorns will be broken when stepped on by the soles of their feet.

So strong the soles of the feet, instead of nails sticking in their skin, but the nails become broken and bent by their feet. What mantra do they read if they want to travel thousands of kilometers from their  village in Banten?

If they go to Jakarta with such a long distance, they walk, and when sleepy they sleep in vegetable gardens, in empty huts or under shade of trees. They are forbidden to sleep in mosques or in musholah. Prohibition of indigenous elders because their religion is not Islam. Therefore, they could not sleep in the place of Muslims.

"Our religion is the religion of Prophet Adam, the religion of Sunda Wiwitan," they said when asked. Their Lord is the Ruler of the Universe, who gives life and life for them Baduy Tribe. The natural ruler who gave fertility to the plants and provided health for their Baduy family.

Perhaps because of the power of the spell as well, the pedestrians to Jakarta though do not bathe and do not use perfume, they do not smell. The sweat is odorless because of the ancestral heritage spells, which make their sweat not rot. Even fragrance without fragrance. But, if they want to take a shower, they bathe anywhere.

 Whether it's in the flowing streams they encounter, as well as in the lake where there is water. Although there is a free invite, they are prohibited from riding cars, trains and motorcycles. They have to walk for three to five days from Jakarta to Baduy.

Even though they bathe in dirty water, their skin will not itch and will not become a slur. Even the water that is not cooked anyway, they are not stomach ache. If there are sick Baduy people, treated with their secret spells, assisted with herbal medicines and plants and plants around themselves.

The most unique local culture of the Baduy Tribe, and it is exemplary, their attitude togetherness. They love each other lovingly, love each other and mutual cooperation and work well with each other.

Other and that, they are very obedient to Puun, to the adat leader and firmly hold the custom. In the history of the Baduy tribe, there is no argument to the point of killing each other between them. There are no murder cases in Baduy society. They really uphold the consensus deliberations, so they are flavorful and understand each other.

"They are said to be primitive, but their governance of life and life is actually very modern. Conversely, people who say modern, instead behave primitive. Due to the seizure of property, city people can kill each other and imprison each other. Try, Baduy tribe, when there is friction between the citizens, quickly resolved through deliberation and consensus by Puun and the Jero in the custom, "said Ki Kanjeng Hanan Susmlo, 67 years old observer of Baduy tribe who settled in Rangkasbitung, Lebak.

What Ki Kanjeng Hanan Susilo once said, who is also a supernatural practitioner in Banten, that the Baduy Tribe's magic is very powerful, as powerful as the magic of the Dayak people in East Kalimantan. Ki Kanjeng is a paranormal who many dig the secret mantras of these two tribes. In fact, Dayak tribal wisdom, Ki Kanjeng used to treat various diseases for hundreds of patients in this Banten.