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Do You Want to See Ghosts? Here is How to See Them (Part 1)

Do You Want to See Ghosts? Here is How to See Them (Part 1) (pexels)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Many people believe that this world is not only inhabited by visible beings, but also other creatures that are invisible, also called supernatural entities or beings. These creatures are often referred to as demons, spirits, ghosts, and others.

However, there are a number of people who can see these entities or beings. Many say they have a sixth sense. In fact, if we want to be able to see such creatures, we can use the methods below:

1. Looking through both feet

One way of seeing the most ancient ghosts you may have heard as a child is to look down and back through both legs. If you want to try, on Friday night, or a Friday Kliwon night as Javanese people say, go to places lonely or famous place haunted. Wait until past midnight and look backward through the slits of both your legs, so that the head position so upside down. It is said, by doing this way you will be able to see the existence of the spirits of the inhabitants of the place who are doing various activities.

2. Wipe charcoal into the eyes

This method is done with rubbing charcoal into the eyelids and pockets of your eyes until dark. Come to haunted places such as graves or big trees. In that way, various spirits ranging from tuyul, kuntilanak, pocong, to genderuwo become visible in the vision.

3. Dress and wear a funeral shirt or dress while sleeping

This method is quite extreme. For that, it should be done with the supervision of others. Namely by wearing formal funeral clothes, try the selected clothes are black. After that rub your hands around the clothes and sleep as usual. In this way, you will look like one of them, so maybe there is a member of that other world who will be visiting and greeting you.

4. Wash your hair with shampoo at midnight

This method is used with a normal shampoo, but conducted at 12 pm midnight. After that, wait 5 minutes, after that let your hair unravel (specially woman), then reflect, then call this mantra: "Jin opo setan, ono konco lawas pengen ketemu... Teko, teko, teko kene." (10 times)

5. Rub dirt from the grave into the eye

It is said that the grave is already "seized" by the spirits. So if you've prepared, wipe the grave dirt on your eyes and watch the show ...

6. Call them out with a candle

This is a most ancient and creepy way. First turn off all house lights at 01:00. Try to be alone, with no one else. Light a candle on the floor of the room, then say these words:

"We call you, the invisible

We call you, the supernatural being

Come, and blow out this candle once you are here "