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Do You Want to See Ghosts? Here is How to See Them (Part 2)

Do You Want to See Ghosts? Here is How to See Them (Part 2) (pxhere)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - As written in the first part, there are various ways that supposedly can be done to see ghosts or spirits. Of course, these ways are not easy, and some are dangerous to try.

Humans do sometimes have an extraordinary curiosity about the life of the other world. If you feel you are not afraid of the occult, here are other ways that you can also use to see spirits or ghosts.

1. Taking a Bath or Shower in the Dark

The bathroom is the most-favored spot for supernatural creatures such as jinns, kuntilanak, and so forth. For that, one way that can be done is by taking a bath or shower at midnight without turning the lights on. In that dark state, blink your eyes six times. It is said that by doing this, before the shower finishes you will find a long nailed hand touching you and moving above your head.

2. Wipe Eyes with Dead Cat Eyes

This method is considered quite dangerous, and it is not recommended, because it uses the eyes of a dead cat. However, it is said that this is a way or tradition to see ghosts in Thailand.

It is told that a young man named Albert felt sad due to losing his grandfather who died suddenly. Albert was eager to see his grandfather, and then he tried the ritual with the eyes of a dead cat.

There was a dead cat, then he took the cat's eye and kept it for two days. On Friday night he rubbed his eyes with the cat's eyes. He did not rinse it before he could see the ghost of his grandfather. Finally, he was not only able to see his grandfather's spirit, but he also saw other creatures.

3. Shaving Off Your Eyebrows

For someone who wants to see tuyuls or djinns that like to steal stuff, they can do it by shaving off their eyebrows. After that, sleep in front of the house door using the mat as base, from midnight to morning.

When the night before the morning or dawn, will feel like a gust of wind, then something will fondle you or will hear a soft whisper in your ear.

4. The Ritual of the Owl

This method does not mean using the owl tool, but this is just a term. The trick, do it at midnight. You sit at the front door of your house, then spread incense around you. After that, drink bitter coffee while reciting the following mantra in your heart:

"Kulo nyuwun sewu, bismillahhirohmannirohim. Hai jebuk arum arane menyan, krenges arane menyan, umbulno langit sepitu, amblesno langit sepitu tampakno ngaweruhi (insert name of djinn or supernatural creature you want to summon)".

5. Using an Elevator to Another World

If you live in an apartment whose building has more than 10 floors, you can use the elevator as a means or way of seeing ghosts and unseen worlds. Try taking the elevator, go to the 4th floor, then the second floor, the 6th floor, then the second floor, and the last 10th floor. Do this yourself. When the elevator takes you to the 10th floor, press the button to the 5th floor. The elevator will open and it is said that there will be a woman who enters and accompanies you in the elevator.

The figure of the woman is none other than the kuntilanak ghost who inhabit the elevator hall inside the building. The creature is disturbed because you are playing with the elevator where it lives in.