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The Story of a Mysterious Passenger Hitching a Motorcycle Ride

The Story of a Mysterious Passenger Hitching a Motorcycle Ride (needpix)

BOYOLALI, NETRALNEWS.COM - Believe it or not, but this unexplainable incident was experienced by Tri Jatmiko, a resident of Gajahwongan hamlet in the village of Canden, Boyolali. He has never forgotten the incident that happened to him. At that time, he was going to Solo to the home of one of his siblings living there. Tri traveled to Solo by riding his motorcycle, a Yamaha Jupiter Z.

At around 20:00 local time, he was going along Winong-Bandara road on his motorbike, enjoying the night breeze on his body. However, when passing around Cengklik Reservoir in Ngemplak, Boyolali, Tri Jatmiko suddenly found out that a beautiful woman has hitched a ride on the passenger seat of his motorcycle. Tri does not know who the lady is, and only knows that the woman was sitting close right behind him.

He smelled a strange smell. Still not believing what has happened, Tri kept riding his motorcycle. He had even talked to the woman, although he did not dare to turn to look behind him.

In a state of semi-consciousness, Tri still drove his motorcycle with the woman still sitting on the back seat along the street for hours, while occasionally chatting with the woman despite not daring to look back.

"I spoke with the woman in Javanese language. She might be beautiful, based on her voice. However, I could not remember what we were talking about. She also smelled good,” Tri said.

Tri felt that he was riding for hours on the smooth road. "The road is good and straight but I do not find any other vehicles or settlements,” he added.

He admitted that he did not see the woman’s face. "While chatting, it was as if we were traveling down a straight, empty, and dark road. I do not remember where we went," he said.

Tri finally came to his senses when his feet felt cold and wet. Next thing, he and his motorbike had entered the Pereng river with knee-high water level about one kilometer away from the road, and 20 kilometers away from the location when he lost consciousness. The woman who sat behind him also disappeared.

In the middle of the river in the darkness of the night, Tri heard the noises of people laughing like they were in a party, even though Tri was not able to see any persons there. Tri soon realized what was happening. "I was really scared. I just run away and left the motorcycle on the banks of the river. My pants were soaking wet, "he said.

Despite feeling scared to death, Tri still had time to lock his motorcycle’s handlebars before running away. After a while he did not find anyone. He then found his way to Kalijambe, Sragen, and met a chicken meat trader. Tri asked the trader for directions to Nogosari. After being told directions, he ran back to the Nogosari Market.

At about five o'clock in the morning, Tri arrived at Pasar Nogosari and slept from exhaustion. "Then I chartered a public transport car to the airport of Adi Soemarmo - Andong to go home," he said.

Tri’s motorcycle was found by local residents. The residents were surprised that there was a motorcycle in the middle of the river. They also reported it to Andong Police.

Residents felt strange about his story, because the location where the motorcycle was found was far from the main road by about one kilometer. Police officers who examined the motorcycle’s location found no trails of wheels left behind by the motorcycle. "Moreover, the location of the discovery is impossible to be accessed by motorcycles," said Adjunct Police Commissioner Suwardiyono, Chief of Andong Police.

Suwardiyono said he participated in the operation to evacuate Tri’s motorcycle where it was first discovered by residents. He admitted that it was quite logically odd that a motorcycle can be found in the middle of a river that cannot be accessed by any vehicles.

The police chief added that locals say the area is known to be haunted. The location of the motorcycle’s discovery is also quite far from residential residents. About 1 kilometer from the road and residential homes.

"Seeing the location where the motorcycle was discovered, it is very unlikely that the motorbike can reach the location. I usually use trail motorcycles, but even those cannot pass this area. There is just no way to get to this particular area of the river. In addition, there are wheel trails left behind by neither the motorcycle, nor any damages to the motorcycle’s body,” Suwardiyono said.

The police chief then took the initiative to announce the discovery of the motorcycle. "I announced it everywhere, but no citizen claimed ownership of the motorcycle,” he said.

 As for Tri himself, the next day, he tried to find his bike. But Tri could not remember where he left it. "I went looking for my motorcycle, but after I traced my way, I couldn’t remenber remember the way," he said.

Finally he resigned his search. Tri then decided to go home looking for information that maybe somebody knew the whereabouts of his motorcycle. He then heard news that some residents found a motorcycle at Pereng River. Wasting no time, he headed to the location but his motorcycle was gone.

A village official near the river told Tri that his motorcycle was taken to the Andong police station. Tri then headed to Andong police station, taking the motorcycle’s vehicle registration and documents as proof of ownership.

Police Chief Suwardiyono reported that the motorcycle was returned to Tri at Boyolali Police station.

Just so you know, based on the information from local residents, the area where the motorcycle was found is known to be haunted. "Several local residents have gone missing in the location, and we haven’t been able to find them yet,” the police chief added.

The story about this beautiful passenger also became the talk of local people. One of the intriguing questions they discussed was about the woman sitting behind Tri.