Friday, 20 May 2022 | 18:39 WIB

Culinary Exhibition to Attract Many Travelers to Indonesia

Rendang, one of the foods that have been worldwide. (Doc:Rendangpadang)

LONDON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Culinary launched by the government in various events such as diplomatic reception conducted by the Embassy of Belgium, Belgium, can be a diplomatic medium in the European region.

Chairman of the Indonesian Academy of Gastronomy, Vita Datau Messakh said, to see the enthusiasm of the diplomats who enjoy Indonesian culinary, his side assures culinary Indonesia globalize and can be also a diplomacy effective media by using representatives in the world.

Vita added, that diplomatic diplomatic perception of Brussels Embassy was served and attended by more than 400 invitations in order to be a very good diplomacy. Indonesian culinary became one of the attractions shown in Chatteu Saint Anne Brussels Belgium.

Indonesian Ambassador to Belgium, Yuri Thamrin said, it is time for Indonesian culinary promotion in Europalia which can pave the way to other industries. 

The diplomatic reception becomes the warming up of the Indonesian Gastronomy Festival which will take place in both October and November in Brussels and beyond.

Vita said, the culinary promotion by the famous culinary expert William Wongso received the support of the directorate general of culture, Ministry of Education and Culture in order to support the event Europalia 2017. "Like sugar surrounded by bees that describe Indo//nesian culinary when promoted at various events in the world as happened in Brussels Belgium," he said, as quoted by Antara, Friday (9/8/2017).

According to Vita Datau Messakh who is the gastronomic curator of Kemendikbud in culinary promotion Chef William Wongso who will collaborate with Chef Jean Callens from Callens Cafe serving culinary in the set menu with Rendang Blanc Bleu Belge Cow, a Belgian native cow whose meat is almost having no fat.

The gastronomic festival entitled "Experience the Flavor of Indonesia" is aimed at opening opportunities and networks for local culinary and Indonesian products industry.

Director General, Ministry of Education and Culture Hilmar Farid on separate occasions conveyed gastronomic program that will be implemented under the umbrella of Rumah Budaya Indonesia that must become a platform to strengthen the network and not just culinary alone, it should be a tool for the development of Trade Tourism and Investment for Indonesia.