Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 16:53 WIB

Explanation on G30S/PKI Invitation Spread, AH Nasution’s Family: Hoax

Granddaughter of the Great General AH Nasution, Eka Trisna Edyanti.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - An invitation containing fake news (hoax) has spread related to the September 30 Movement (G30S/PKI) which is commemorate today, Saturday (9/30/2017), Indonesian general Abdul Haris Nasution (1918 –2000)’s granddaughter, Eka Trisna Edyanti (Edi) said to the reporters today at the Abdul Haris Nasution Museum in Jakarta,.

Edi said actually an explanation on the G30S/PKI invitation was a reunion event of SMPN 216 class 1987-2017 with Edi’s mother, Hendrianti Sahara Nasution, General Nasution’s daughter, was one of the speakers.

"We apologize in advance, because it was an internal event and not an invitation open to the public, so the invitation was a hoax," Edi told the media crews who had been waiting since daylight.

According to the monitoring of, the hoax invitations were not only accepted by the media crew but also by the general public. Evidently many of the visitors who asked for an explanation meeting on the G30S/PKI received from various social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

Afrianto, the museum guard, said usually Abdul Haris Nasution Museum only visited by about 100 to 200 people a day. But coinciding with the weekend and commemoration of G30S/PKI, visitors were up to 10-fold increased.

"Usually 100 to 200 people come in a day, but this seems to be up to a thousand more people," Afrianto said.