Tuesday, 07 December 2021 | 23:07 WIB

Nur Achmad: All Indonesian Products Must Be Certified Halal

All Indonesian Products Must Be Certified Halal.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Vice Chairman of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (House), Nur Achmad, said that the numerous times Hearings Meeting are held with various partners and universities have revealed to him that many people are still unaware about the regulation that all Indonesian products must be certified halal.

In addition, in relation to halal certification procedures, especially for producers, the requirements that need to be met are to comply with what is stipulated by the Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency (BPJPH). 

However, BPJPH itself was inaugurated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs only this Wednesday (10/11/2017).

"Commission VIII reminds BPJPH to refer back to Law No. 33 of 2014 on Halal Product Guarantee. There is a mandatory article stating that all products in Indonesia must be certified halal. This mandatory article applies for Indonesian products in Indonesia and overseas," said Nur Achmad at the inauguration of BPJPH in Auditorium HM Rasjidi, Ministry of Religious Affairs Building.

Furthermore, said Nur Achmad, halal certificates will apply five years after the enactment, meaning in 2019 . The authority of BPJPH is then continued in cooperation with various partners.

Meawhile Commission VIII in this case will ensure all devices and facilities are prepared, whether it is hardware, software and Human Resources related.