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Researchers Rue on the Difficulty of Accessing Sources from National Archives

Indonesian historian AB Kusuma attends a discussion on books at the House of Representatives (netralnews

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Historian A. B Kusuma says he is disappointed about the national archive system of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI)—which is not open to the public, especially for researchers in accessing authentic archives. Researchers have difficulty accessing primary sources on information about  the Agency for the Preparatory Work for Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI) and Indonesian Independence Preparation Committee (PPKI). Whereas, authentic archives are very important for writing good and true history.

"In the New Order era it may be understandable when ‘de-Soekarno-ization’ occurred. However, today is the era of reform, and de-Soekarno-ization has been revoked. There is now the Public Information Disclosure Act, but the primary archives of BPUPKI and PPKI are still closed to public," he said in a discussion titled ‘Book Discussion with the People’s Representatives’ at the Indonesian Parliament Complex in Jakarta, on Monday (10/16/2017).

According to AB Kusuma, historical writings should be based on an authentic historical sources, especially the primary source. Indeed a work of history is at best based on a primary source.

"Historical works that use a large number of primary sources are deemed to be more valuable than historical works based on secondary sources. Today, historical writing is not from primary historical sources but from secondary sources,” he added

AB Kusuma exemplified the Historian Prof. Nugroho Notosutanto who wrote the book 'The Process of Formulating Pancasila as the Country’s Base (1981) using the secondary source of the book 'Manuscript of Preparation of the 1945 Constitution' composition Prof. M. M. Yamin. Though the book M. Yamin many errors and there are engineering-engineering. Secondary archives may be of use as long as they do not conflict with the primary archive.

He continued, after conducting research, AB Kusuma believes that the content of M. Yamin's speech in the 1945 Preparatory Manuscript is not authentic.

AB Kusuma Also explained, the draft of Preparation of the 1945 Constitution does not contain the speech of Bung Hatta, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo and approximately 30 members of BPUPK. Indeed it is contained in the documents compiled by Mr. AG Pringgodigdo and his sister Mr. AK Pringgodigdo.

In addition, AB Kusuma also claimed to have been looking for authentic archives BPUPK and PPKI since 1992.

In the Netherlands, the archives of BPUPK and PPKI can be accessed. Open only the archives of Pringgodigdo, but also very secret archives such as the Jogja attack archive, Kusuma said.

AB. Kusuma asserted that authentic archives must be accessible and accessible because of their influence on the writing of history. Kusuma further reveals the errors of the history of the speech of June 1, 1945, the Jakarta Charter (the abolition of seven words), the birthday of the House, and the errors in the Constitutional History Documentation Center of the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, Director of Archive Service and Utilization of ANRI, Drs Agus Santoso, admitted that the archive is not complete ANRI complete archive especially in the early days of independence (Republic). ANRI still completes the archive of one of the archives on BPUPK and PPKI.

"National archives have not received the archives," he said.

However, Agus confirmed that the archive in ANRI has been opened and accessible to the public. Please access, not only the archives of the existing BPUPK, but also archives of struggles such as the heroes struggle in Surabaya and Bandung Ocean of Fire, he said.

Archives are still closed, continued Agus, is an archive associated with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

Archives of a special nature (about the PKI) still exist in other institutions. We have not collected them yet. In addition to the archives of the PKI, all the archives are accessible and nothing is closed, Agus said.

Meanwhile, Commission X member, Popong Otje Djundjunan participated as a speaker in Talk of Joint Book of People's Deputy.

Also present was Chairman of MPR RI Assessment Institute Rully Chairul Azwar, Head of Public Relations Bureau of MPR, Siti Fauziah.