Monday, 23 May 2022 | 22:10 WIB

Londoners Show High Interest in Indonesian Literature Books

Londoners are loving Indonesian literary books.

LONDON, NNC - Books of Indonesian literature, fiction for teenagers, as well as Indonesian children stories sold well by foreign publishers during the London Book Fair 2018 at the Olympia exhibition building, London, April10-12.

Head of Marketing at the Market Implementing Committee of Indonesia Market Focus at London Book Fair 2018, Thomas Nung Atasana, said the most popular books are children's books, with Islamic and universal content, Indonesian literature books, and fiction books for teenagers.

He said one of Indonesian publishers, Kesaint Blanc managed to tie up a contract with publishers from China to purchase rights to 10 titles of Wonoweenie Go Green by Andy B and illustrator Evelline Andrya.

According to Thomas Nung Atasana, these books are picture-book series of children. Chinese publishers are interested in purchasing copyrighted Chinese translations for this book as it can teach children to preserve the environment.

Another two titles are bought by French publishers  and one title bought by UK publisher and one more by publisher from the United States. There are also copyrights being aimed by 14 countries, such as 135 titles in the form of .pdf and four series. UK are interested in as many as 63 titles.

French publishers are attracted to 14 titles, Norway seven titles, and each of six titles from Italian, Korean, and Pakistani publishers. In addition, publishers from the United States, Turkey and Bangladesh each bought three book titles, as well as two titles from Australian, New Zealand, Albanian and Singaporean publishers.

Meanwhile, Deputy Marketing Coordinator for Market Focus, Anton Kurnia added that during the LBF, Indonesia is also promoting Indonesian films adapted from books.

According to him, visitors can watch the trailer of five Indonesian films adapted from popular books and have been given subtitles in English.The five films are titled Dilan, Laskar Pelangi, Sang Penari, Filosofi Kopi, and Laut Bercerita.

"This breakthrough in accordance with the theme of LBF 2018 which is Taking Words Further Content Across Media. Indonesia is preparing opportunities for creative industries outside the book publishing sector to participate in the LBF 2019," said Anton, as quoted by Antara, Friday (4/13/2018).