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Govt Decides Eid Falls on Friday, June 15, Tomorrow

Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin when announcing results of Isbat Hearing.

JAKARTA, NNC - The government through the Ministry of Religious Affairs set the Eid al-Fitr or the beginning of Syawal 1439H/2018AD on Friday (6/15/2018).

This statement was delivered by the Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin based on the outcome of the closed Isbat (Confirmation) hearing and the decision results are made public through a press conference. The result of this meeting is also known based on the results of Rukyatul Hilal (Moon Sighting) on 97 monitoring points spread across 34 Provinces in Indonesia.

"Eid al-Fitr or the beginning of the month of Syawal 1439H/2018AD falls on Friday (6/15/2018). So tomorrow no more fasting. Tomorrow all Muslims perform Eid prayer and together enter the first of Syawal and wisdom obtained is something so great that togetherness of Muslims can be maintained and preserved," said Minister Lukman, at the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Thursday.

Minister Lukman directly led the Isbat hearing for 1 Syawal 1439H/2018AD. Also present were the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Ma'ruf Amin, Grand Imam of Istiqlal Mosque KH Nasaruddin Umar, Chairman of House Commission VIII Ali Taher, and representatives of Islamic organizations and ambassadors of friendly countries.

The Isbat sessions were also attended by the Supreme Court, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), the Bosscha Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Planetarium, Falak (Astronomy) experts from the Islamic Community Organizations, Echelon I and II Officials of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Team from Hisab (Calculation) and Rukyat (Sighting) of Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The hearing season started at 4.30 pm, beginning with the explanation of from Team of Hisab and Rukyat about the astronomical position of the hilal (new moon) before the beginning of Syawal 1439H. The process of Isbat hearing took place after Maghrib (Sunset) prayer after the reports from rukyatul hilal from the monitoring sites.

"Happy Eid al-Fitr, Minal Aidin Walfaizin. May we be able to return to humanity's self-respect and belong to the winners," said the Minister of Religious Affairs.