Friday, 28 January 2022 | 16:21 WIB

TransJava Infrastructure Development Expected to Boost Economic Potential in Java‘s South Coast Line

Chief of Staff of the President (KSP) General (Ret.) Moeldoko.

JAKARTA, NNC -- Chief of Staff of the President (KSP) Moeldoko said that TransJava infrastructure development will boost the economic potential in Java's South Coast (Pansela) line.

"With the movement through the south, I am sure homecoming travelers will be inspired that there is new potential and power that needs to be explored for future economic interests," Moeldoko said in Jakarta on Thursday (6/14/2018).

Moeldoko expects local governments and investors to move quickly to work on local potentials to serve as a new economic center that has an impact on improving the welfare of communities in the region.

According to Moeldoko, the development of Pansela line is not only limited to reduce the density of north and central crossing of Java Island, but also aims to open access to economic equity in the south lane.

The former Army Commander said many local potentials ranging from natural resources to cultural wealth can be a trigger of economic development of society in the medium and long term.

The development of the economic center will be supported by various sectors such as agricultural economy, industrial economy, creative economy, tourism to MSMEs.

From the agricultural side, the existence of the Pansela line will facilitate access to the distribution of crops, thus opening the opportunity for large markets to take directly to farmers.

In the industrial sector, it is expected that there will be large and medium-scale factories in the region, so it can absorb labor.

Meanwhile, from the creative economy, Pansela is expected to provoke the community to produce local handicrafts that have economic value. From the tourism side, it can provide revenue for the region, as well as stimulate MSMEs and home industries, reported Antara.