Friday, 28 January 2022 | 16:39 WIB

4th Years of Jokowi Administration, 98 Activists Set to Publish Open Letter

Jari 98.

JAKARTA, NNC - Ahead of the 4th year of President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's administration, a number of activists who are members of the 1998 Reform Activist Network (JARI 98) will publish an open letter.

Chairman of Presidium of JARI 98 Willy Prakarsa said the letter to Jokowi will be published in the media in the near future, so that people can read it. This was done as JARI 98's professional response to Jokowi's government.

"Jari 98 will send letter to the President of Republic of Indonesia Ir. H. Widodo in the near future by the print and electronic media. Indonesian people can participate in reading as well as feeling it. Jari 98 is a social control that will sound the siren of dignified justice," said Willy through a press release, Sunday (6/17/2018).

Willy said that the open letter to President Jokowi also gave a positive lesson to politicians, because they judged so far criticism made by the opposition only impressed it is on behalf of the people but apparently it is not.

"The criticism is deemed as counterfeit recruitment strategy which is to grow public sympathy, but it becomes a blunder. Their critical style is not matured almost exactly similar with children of early childhood. So my guess is that the criticism does not voice the interest of the people but sell the name of the people," he said.

However, Willy was unwilling to disclose the contents of the letter that will be sent to President Jokowi. "Just wait what are the contents of the letter, public would be surprised by what we will do," he concluded.